Let’s Do It Together – Blueye announces representation in 19 countries

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 / The Blueye office

We are extremely proud to announce reselling partnerships with 14 companies operating in a total of 19 countries. Our Authorized Blueye Partners will enable us to jointly serve our customers to our best providing local demonstrations, customer service, training, and even inspection services in selected regions. In the name of customer success, we hope our strategic growth initiative takes us closer to our customers.

Global Expansion

Local presence and minimizing traveling distances are now more important than ever. We have worked hard to grow and strategically chosen to do that through our network of Authorized Blueye Partners. Now together, we can offer representation and demonstrations for our customers in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, UK, Greece, USA, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, and Brazil. We aim to cover all relevant industries all around the world, so the journey has only begun.

Blueye Partner Map
Through our Partner Network, we are able to extend our physical reach to different parts of the world. The Aqua-colored areas show where we currently have a strong reselling partner. Illustration: Blueye Robotics

Underwater Inspections

We find our customers to have a common need of being able to see below the surface safely and with ease. Our underwater drones enable quick inspections and sharing findings with high-quality video, remote live streaming, and automated reports.

The workflows and professional use-cases however vary within different industries. We believe that every customer deserves the best and quickest service and therefore we have partnered with local industry experts to strengthen our sales and customer support team.

Local Presence

The interest in user-friendly, portable, and robust underwater drones is growing significantly. To match this interest during times of restricted travel, we find it smart to have a strong local presence and expertise.

Partnering with professionals is our plan to ensure that the easy-to-use Blueye underwater drones are accessible all around the world. We have also begun to support various languages like Norwegian, German, Spanish, and Dutch in our App and plan to expand even more as we grow globally.

Building an ecosystem around our end customers with reselling partners and service providers is crucial for customer success in the long run.
- Henri Parviainen, Sales Director at Blueye

Let's Do It Together!

As mentioned, the journey has only begun; the journey of serving our customers in the best possible way. The journey of safe and user-friendly robotic inspections. The journey of connecting decision makers to inspections remotely through live streaming. To join our journey and get in contact with our partners, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Blueye Partner logo

WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ONE OF OUR LOCAL PARTNERS? Reach out to our Partner Specialist, Torgrim and he will give you the contact information you’ll need! Also, follow us on our social media channels for proper introductions of our Blueye Partners.

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