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The Blueye Team

  • Erik Dyrkoren
    Erik Dyrkoren
    Founder & CEO
  • Christine Spiten
    Christine Spiten
    Chief Global Strategist and Co-Founder
  • Jonas Follesø
    Jonas Follesø
    Chief Software Developer
  • Christian Gabrielsen
    Christian Gabrielsen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Martin Ludvigsen
    Martin Ludvigsen
    Co-Founder, Professor & CTO
  • Bert Pasop
    Bert Pasop
    Senior Project Manager
  • Tim Keast
    Tim Keast
    Production Manager
  • Bo Peng
    Bo Peng
    Electrical Engineer
  • Borja Serra
    Borja Serra
    Electrical Engineer
  • Andreas Viggen
    Andreas Viggen
    Product Developer
  • Rune Hansen
    Rune Hansen
    Industrial Design Engineer
  •  Andre Marquardt
    Andre Marquardt
    Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Johannes  Schrimpf
    Johannes Schrimpf
    Real-Time Control Engineer
  • Radu Toma
    Radu Toma
    Firmware Developer
  • Sindre Hansen
    Sindre Hansen
    Firmware Developer
  • Knut Jarle Lysklett
    Knut Jarle Lysklett
    Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Joachim Reiten Arntzen
    Joachim Reiten Arntzen
    Laboratory Engineer
  • Alexander G. Vedeler
    Alexander G. Vedeler
    Camera Engineer
  • Kristin Garnvik
    Kristin Garnvik
    Office Manager
  • Marit Røkenes
    Marit Røkenes
    Graphic Design Intern

The Blueye Offices

You can visit us as Transittgata 10 in Trondheim, Norway