Our story

We want to make the beauty of the oceans, and the dangers they face, visible for everyone - everywhere.

Blueye has it's roots in the highly renowned Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at NTNU.

The access to competence and resources from AMOS has been vital for the development of our technology.

We combine world leading ocean technology with user experience design and global business development. This is a potent mixture that generate ideas and innovations in a very fast pace.

The Blueye Pioneer is just the start of what is to come. We look forward to completely altering the way humans interact with the world below the surface with our products, technology and innovations.

Our passion

To create the best underwater experience requires both competence and passion. Passion for the ocean is what drives our team of experts.

The ocean covers about 70% of the Earth's surface and provides resources such as food, medicines, energy and important transport routes - not to mention half of the oxygen we breathe.

Still we know less about the ocean floor than we know about the surface on Mars.

We believe it is a question about lack of access and tools. And that’s why we in 2015 set out on a journey to make it easier for everyone to record and share what is hidden below the surface.

So whether you are a professional fish farmer, passionate diver, engaged environmentalist, or just want to learn and discover more of the last wilderness on earth, Blueye makes it easy to share video and images of your underwater adventures, or store data for documentation of intriguing findings for mapping or monitoring.

Christine sailing with the Blueye PioneerOne onboard

See how Christine in Blueye uses PioneerOne to explore the ocean and extend her horizon below the surface. Music: Alfred Hall - Safe & Sound