Our story

We want to make the beauty of the oceans, and the dangers they face, visible for everyone - everywhere.

Blueye has it's roots in the highly renowned Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at NTNU in Norway.

The access to world leading marine competence and technical resources from AMOS has been vital for the development of our Blueye Pioneer.

We have let leading technical engineers work together with award-winning designers and made sure to have the user experience in focus. This has lead us to a product we are proud to present to you in 2018!

The Blueye Pioneer is just the beginning of what is to come. We look forward to completely altering the way we interact with the world below the surface through our products, technology and innovations!

Our passion

To create the ultimate underwater experience requires high competence and genuine passion. Passion for the ocean is what drives our team of experts.

The ocean covers about 70% of the Earth's surface and provides resources such as food, medicines, energy and important transport routes - not to mention two thirds of the oxygen we breathe.

Still we know less about the ocean floor than we know about the surface on Mars!

We believe it is a question about lack of access and the right tools. And that’s why we in 2015 set out on a journey to make it easier for everyone to experience, learn and share what is hidden below the surface.

Whether you are a professional, a passionate scuba- or free diver, an engaged environmentalist, or just want to learn and discover more of the last wilderness on earth - Blueye makes it easy to share video and images of your underwater adventures. You can also store your recorded video files and data for documentation of intriguing findings and use it for mapping or monitoring.

Blueye Team

  • Erik Dyrkoren
    Erik Dyrkoren
    Founder & CEO
  • Christine Spiten
    Christine Spiten
    Co-Founder & Chief Global Strategist
  • Jonas Follesø
    Jonas Follesø
    Chief Software Developer
  • Christian Gabrielsen
    Christian Gabrielsen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Martin Ludvigsen
    Martin Ludvigsen
    Co-Founder, Professor & CTO
  • Bert Pasop
    Bert Pasop
    Senior Project Manager
  • Tim Keast
    Tim Keast
    Production Manager
  • Bo Peng
    Bo Peng
    Electrical Engineer
  • Borja Serra
    Borja Serra
    Electrical Engineer
  • Andreas Viggen
    Andreas Viggen
    Product Developer
  • Rune Hansen
    Rune Hansen
    Industrial Design Engineer
  •  Andre Marquardt
    Andre Marquardt
    Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Johannes  Schrimpf
    Johannes Schrimpf
    Real-Time Control Engineer
  • Radu Toma
    Radu Toma
    Firmware Developer
  • Sindre Hansen
    Sindre Hansen
    Firmware Developer
  • Knut Jarle Lysklett
    Knut Jarle Lysklett
    Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Joachim Reiten Arntzen
    Joachim Reiten Arntzen
    Laboratory Engineer
  • Alexander G. Vedeler
    Alexander G. Vedeler
    Camera Engineer
  • Jakob Andren
    Jakob Andren
    Control System Engineer
  • Marit Røkenes
    Marit Røkenes
    Graphic Designer
  • Oda Ryggen
    Oda Ryggen
    Digital Marketer
  • Kristin Garnvik
    Kristin Garnvik
    Office Manager

Board of directors

Introducing the Blueye Pioneer Underwater Drone

Product video introducing the Blueye Pioneer Underwater Drone and some of its key features.