Our story

We want to make the beauty of the oceans, and the dangers they face, visible for everyone.

Blueye has its roots in the highly renowned Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at NTNU in Norway.

Exceptional user experience and attractiveness have been the overarching design goals since the beginning. Together with world-leading marine engineers and award-winning industrial designers, we have in three years created what we strongly believe is the world’s best underwater drone, the Blueye Pioneer.

Our history

The story of Blueye started early 2014. Erik Dyrkoren was working on the idea behind Blueye at Marintek and NTNU Amos where he met Martin Ludvigsen, Professor of Underwater Technology at NTNU. Together with students, they developed what came to be the first prototype. During the first testing of the prototype on board NTNU's research vessel Gunnerus, they met Christine Spiten, who was on a field study for her Master's thesis on underwater drones. They quickly discovered that they had a shared vision and wanted to make underwater exploration more available.

On the road to creating the company Erik, Martin and Christine connected, with angel investor Erik Haugane (now chairman of the board) and together they founded Blueye Robotics in June 2015.

Today, the Blueye Team consists of over 20 dedicated experts from different countries, working on many levels of software, robotics, mechanical- and industrial design, underwater technology, graphics design and business development.

The Blueye Pioneer

The Blueye Team believes that by empowering people to view, explore and learn about the ocean,they will connect with it and care for it too. This is the reason why the Blueye founders set out on the mission to create and to share the ultimate underwater experience through great product design. Our wish is to let anyone enter the ocean and take part in the element we all come from.

We developed the first underwater drone prototype in only 10 weeks - just in time for it's first expedition across the Atlantic Sea on a sailboat sailing from Africa to Brazil with Co-Founder Christine Spiten to map marine litter and micro-plastics.

It took a little over three years of development and seven iterations before the first drones came off the assembly line and were shipped to the first customers. At that time, we had already received over 600 pre-orders from customers worldwide.

All design and development of the Blueye underwater drone have taken place in Trondheim, Norway. It is designed for optimal performance in all conditions, from the Arctic oceans to tropical waters, and all the way down to 1000 feet below the surface.

The drone moves with total stability due to its vertical design. Combined with the auto-heading and auto-depth features, the Blueye underwater drone is exceptionally easy to operate through the Blueye App. There is no need for extensive training.

The camera captures videos and images in full HD quality even in the deep dark sea - thanks to the powerful LED lights. Through the Blueye App, users can choose settings for both camera and light. With 2 hours of battery time, the Blueye underwater drone can be applied to many different use cases.

Blueye Team

  • Christian Gabrielsen
    Christian Gabrielsen
    CEO & CFO
  • Henri Parviainen
    Henri Parviainen
    Sales Director
  • Jonas Follesø
    Jonas Follesø
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Andreas Viggen
    Andreas Viggen
    Marketing Director Interim & Software Developer
  • Oda Ryggen
    Oda Ryggen
    Marketing Director (parental leave)
  • Borja Serra
    Borja Serra
    Electrical Design Lead
  • Alexander Bergrem
    Alexander Bergrem
    Business Development Executive
  • Trond Larsen
    Trond Larsen
    Senior Sales Specialist
  • Marius Teveldal
    Marius Teveldal
    Senior Sales Specialist (parental leave)
  • Rune Hansen
    Rune Hansen
    Mechanical Design Lead
  •  Andre Marquardt
    Andre Marquardt
    Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Johannes  Schrimpf, Ph.D.
    Johannes Schrimpf, Ph.D.
    Real-Time Control Engineer
  • Mathilde Loe Holand
    Mathilde Loe Holand
    Art Director
  • Sindre Hansen
    Sindre Hansen
    Firmware Developer
  • Joachim Reiten Arntzen
    Joachim Reiten Arntzen
    Laboratory Engineer
  • Lill Eva Bråten
    Lill Eva Bråten
    Office Manager
  • Alexander G. Vedeler
    Alexander G. Vedeler
    Camera Engineer
  • Erlend Eriksen
    Erlend Eriksen
    Camera Software Engineer
  • Anupama Pantheeradiyil
    Anupama Pantheeradiyil
    Marketing Assistant


  • Aksel Sætre Lenes
    Aksel Sætre Lenes
    MSc Student at NTNU Cybernetics and Robotics

Active Founders

  • Erik Dyrkoren
    Erik Dyrkoren
  • Erik Haugane
    Erik Haugane
    Co-founder / CEO OKEA
  • Martin Ludvigsen
    Martin Ludvigsen
    Co-Founder & Professor at NTNU
  • Christine Spiten
    Christine Spiten

Board of directors

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