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Marine research

The ocean is the source to resources such as food, energy, transport routes and recreation.

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Gather knowledge about the ocean with underwater drones

Environmental monitoring may be carried out in many different ways, based on the goal for the research project. It may be mapping of marine litter, monitoring of coral reefs or inspections of a particular area to cover potential changes over a period of time.

The benefits of Blueye drones

No need for ROV pilots

No need for ROV pilots

Equip your team with tools to perform the inspections themselves. Expand their capabilities and utilize their expertise and knowledge.

Quick deployment

Quick deployment

Deploy within minutes and perform your inspections efficiently to optimize your resources.

Digital workflow

Digital workflow

Get clear visuals and vital data directly to your device. Share findings with colleagues and upload to your reporting system. Streamline the inspection process.


Listen to Prof. Martin Ludvigsen from NTNU tell more about the use of the Blueye underwater drones within the Science and Research field.

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The Blueye X3 ROV package

Custom Package

The Blueye X3 ROV package

As inspections or underwater operations demand different setups, we encourage you to get in touch with us to help you with a customized package that suits your needs.

Based on feedback from our users we recommend professional customers to include their Blueye X3 order with an aluminum Zarges case, reel with 150 meter tether, Blueye High Capacity battery and Rugged controller. However, you are free to equip you ROV as you see fit for your usecase. We offer equipment from a wide range of suppliers, and other necessary ROV parts such as tethers come in different lengths.

The Blueye X3 ROV can be equipped with a variety of sensors, manipulators, sonars, and positioning systems.

Prices starting at $21,443 ex.VAT

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Using ROVs for Environmental monitoring and Research

With underwater drones you can view, inspect and monitor the marine environment without disturbing. It's easy to share your findings and data.

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