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Introducing station keeping for ROV operations using a DVL

To help maneuver, navigate and determine the ROV's position underwater, we have now integrated the WaterLinked DVL A50 with the Blueye X3! Watch the recorded digital event from June 2nd to learn about the DVL solution and some of its use cases.

Why Blueye

Support and Help Center

We want to see you succeed with your underwater drone operations. If you ever find yourself in need of support, our team of engineers is always available.

We have an excellent and organized support system to provide quick and reliable solutions to all kinds of questions and problems.

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Why Blueye?

Do your own inspections

Discover the unknown more frequently and identify problems before any incidents happen.

No need to wait for divers or ROV operators. Simply take your own eyes below the surface and stream live video feed from underwater drones to remote experts and decision-makers.

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Delivering to professionals worldwide

Blueye Underwater Drones

The ultimate tool for professionals. Get the overview you need to inspect your assets below the surface. Learn more about the Blueye X3, Blueye Pro, and the Blueye Pioneer.

Blueye Underwater Drones
Self- serviceable
A safe and fully CE and FCC certified product
Fully certified
Excellent customer support
Excellent support
Tilt: -30° to +30° mechanical tilt
Camera Tilt
Weight: less than 9 kg
Below 9 kg
Replaceable battery: up to 5 hours
Battery 5 hrs*
Depth: 305 m / 1000 feet
Depth 1000 ft
Multiple spectators
Multiple spectators Observer App
Live Streaming to Microsoft Teams
Live Streaming to MS Teams
Blueye Underwater Drones