Blueye Pioneer

The next generation underwater drone

A groundbreaking technology to get your eyes below the surface. The Blueye Pioneer offers exeptional user experience and performance at an unbeatable price.

More than 600 units pre-ordered from customers in all relevant ocean applications. Secure yours today!

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What's included in the box

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What's in the box

What's in the box?
  • Pioneer Drone
  • Wireless Surface Unit (WSU)
  • 75m cable (upgradeable for deeper dives)
  • Blueye wireless controller
  • Blueye Smart Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Blueye App
  • MovieMask Blueye special edition
Weight: less than 8 kg
Below 9 kg
Depth: 150 m / 500 feet
Depth 150 m
Replacable battery with approx 2 hours
2 hrs Replacable battery
WiFi connection of your own smart device
WiFi connection of your own smart device

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Your eyes below the surface

Take your own eyes below the surface and make your own underwater discoveries. With the ingenious plug and play concept, you are ready to dive within minutes.

Make your own discoveries

Discover the unknown more frequently and identify problems before any incidents happen. No need to wait for divers or ROV operators. Simply take your own eyes below the surface.

Key Features

Weight: less than 8 kg
Below 9 kg
Depth: 150 m / 500 feet
Depth 150 m
Replacable battery: minimum 2 hours
2 hrs Replacable battery
WiFi connection of your own smart device
WiFi connection of your own smart device
Full HD-camera
Full HD-camera
Record your dive with a wide angle camera (1080p/30fps).
Powerful lights
Powerful LED lights (3000lm)
Allows you to dive in the dark.
Powerful thrusters
Powerful thrusters
Class leading performance for deep dives, speed and power needed for demanding dives.
Bottom diving
Bottom diving
Smart positioning of vertical motor nozzles to avoid sea floor sand clouds.
Robust and hydrodynamic
Robust and hydrodynamic
Designed to withstand strong currents and rough sea. Directional stability and agile movements.
Safe and self-stabilizing design
Safe and self-stabilizing design
Ensures for good underwater experience in rough conditions.

Tech specs

This is the current technical specifications for the Pioneer. As we develop the product towards shipping we will update and improve the spec accordingly.


Hull design

Hydrodynamic and hydrobalanced hull for stability and performance in ocean conditions. Engineering plastic and rubber protections that withstand impact.

Pressure rating

150 m.


9 kg.


2 m/s (4 knots).


2 hrs normal operation.


4 powerful thrusters, 4 x 350 W.

2 rear, 1 vertical center, 1 latheral.


Auto heading.

Auto depth.


Full HD 1080p/30fps, wide angle lens.

Search Light

Powerful LED lights below camera.

Fittings for extra lights as payload.


Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer.

Depth sensor.

Magnetometer (compass).

Temperature (inside and outside).


Standard fittings for payload on both top and bottom side of drone.


Remote update of drone software.


Wireless transmitter

Wifi router for wireless connection to smartphones or tablets. Multiple smartphones may connect for a shared live experience.

Wireless range

Minimum 30m.


Thin yet strong cable optimized for use with ocean drones.

Cable is replaceable for easy handling and upgrade.

Cable length

75 m.

Possible to upgrade to longer cable.


Wireless drone controller for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


App for android/iOS smartphone/tablet.

Setup & control drone, manage and share dive data and recordings.


Charger for drone, WSU and drone controller.