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Monday, September 27, 2021 / Trondheim, Norway

At Blueye, we design, develop, and update our underwater drones with customers in mind, and we strive to provide the highest level of customer & technical support. From Blueye Pioneer to Blueye X3, we have updated and added new features listening to our customers feedback. We want to see all our clients and users succeed with their underwater drone operations.

No product is guaranteed never to have any issues. But, if you ever do find yourself in need of support, our team is always available. The team consists of dedicated engineers and industry experts, many of whom have worked in Blueye since the beginning. We have an excellent and organized support system to provide quick and reliable solutions to all kinds of questions and handle customer queries and problems.

To contact the Blueye Support team, you can use various channels such as our Social Media profiles,, or fill in a form on our webpage. You will typically receive a reply in less than 24 hours. The main focus of our Support team is to provide the best for our customers' within a short period. Since the launch of our first product, we have received feedback with an average of 95% satisfaction rating by customers'.

Anu editing Blueye help center
Anu editing Blueye help center. Photo: Blueye Robotics

Zendesk Support

We use Zendesk Support as our tool to organize and handle all incoming requests. Whenever we receive a request through our Social Media channels, e-mail, or webpage, it is pushed into one software tool and redirected to the concerned department at Blueye according to the type of query. We have a team of Engineers who are highly qualified to help customers'. We've had a few cases where our customers' faced challenges during an inspection and where our team ensured the issue was solved within minutes remotely from the Blueye office in Norway. With the customer sharing their dive logs and a few screenshots, our team can solve the problems efficiently.

Blueye helped me out with a quick response and actually tested the solution themselves. I could not be happier about such a great service. Everything works now, so perfect!
- Rutger van Duijn, RVI Tools.

Great customer service. I got a reply to my e-mail from the Chief Technology Officer, and the explanation was just perfect. Thank you
- Blueye Customer.

How Egil Kristoffersen & Sønner found their missing Blueye Pioneer

In January 2020, one of our customers', Egil Kristoffersen & Sønner lost their Blueye Pioneer during an operation at their aquaculture site in North of Norway. After reaching out for help on Facebook and providing information about their drone, it was finally found on the shoreline further up North - after going missing ashore for months. The thrusters and tether were damaged when we received the drone for repair in the Blueye office. We could fix their drone and send it back within two days to Egil Kristoffersen & Sønner. They were also able to retrieve and see video and images from their operation. We understand how valuable time is for our clients, so we make sure to solve issues quickly to reduce downtime.

Photo: Jørn Finvåg
Damaged Blueye Pioneer after retrieving from the shore. Photo: Jørn Finvåg

The Blueye Help Center

We have also built the Blueye Help Center, where you can find support articles, FAQs, video tutorials, and illustrated guides to help you perform self-service and solve issues independently. All our drones are shipped with a base kit containing spare parts and tools for easy maintenance. With the Help Center tutorials on hand, we enable our customers' to fix straightforward issues themselves and save downtime. We believe in working proactively versus reactively as part of building an easy-to-use solution. Our team regularly updates the Helpcenter.

Most of our customers use video tutorials and articles for training and educating their ROV pilots. The Arctic University of Tromsø uses our video tutorials to train their students and researchers.

You should be able to work frictionless from start to end; From purchasing to handling to maintaining. That is why we put all our efforts into every step of the customer's journey so that you can get the best underwater drone in the market.

Blueye help center
Blueye help center. Illustration

Our multilingual support team

Today, we have shipped Blueye drones to over 40 countries, and our team consists of 22 dedicated experts from different countries. That gives us an advantage of providing customer support in languages like German, Spanish, Hindi, Bulgarian apart from Norwegian and English. The Blueye app is also available in 6 languages.

Anu and Torgrim reading customer reviews.
Anu and Torgrim reading customer reviews. Photo: Blueye Robotics

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