The Blueye Underwater Drones

Blueye Pioneer | Underwater drone with camera

Groundbreaking technology to get your eyes below the surface. The Blueye Pioneer underwater drone offers exceptional user experience and performance.

Illustration of the Blueye Pioneer Drone - transparent and no shadow
Self- serviceable
Excellent customer support
Excellent support
A safe and fully CE and FCC certified product
Fully certified
Depth: 150 m / 500 feet
Depth 150 m
Replacable battery: minimum 2 hours and up to 5 hours
Smart Battery 2hrs / 5hrs
Multiple spectators
Multiple spectators Observer App
Live Streaming to Microsoft Teams
Live Streaming to MS Teams
Illustration of the Blueye Pioneer Drone - transparent and no shadow

Key Features

Full HD-camera
Full HD-camera
Record your dive with a wide angle camera (1080p/30fps).
Powerful LED Lights (3300 lumen)
Powerful LED Lights (3300 lumen)
Allows you to dive in the dark.
Thin tether
Thin tether
Durable and replaceable tether which creates minimal drag.
Automatic heading and depth
Automatic heading and depth
Ensures for a great underwater experience in rough conditions.
Bottom Diving
Bottom Diving
Smart positioning of vertical motor nozzles to avoid seafloor sand clouds.
Below 9 kg
Below 9 kg
Suitable for transportation and operatable by one person.
3 knots forward speed
3 knots forward speed
Dive in difficult conditions. Operational in up to 2 knots current.
150 m depth rating
150 m depth rating
Robust vehicle pressure tested to handle frequent dives.

Adjust app settings for your dive

Whether you are performing inspections in deep and dark oceans or in clear waters, the camera is optimized to perform in different and challenging conditions. The Blueye app allows you to control light exposure and camera hue settings. We provide you with the tools to capture high-quality images and videos.

Adjust app settings for your dive

Assisted navigation

Underwater navigation is a tricky nut to crack, and the Blueye App is designed specifically to assist you in knowing where you are headed at all times. Assisted navigation with a compass ensures minimal drifting and more precision when needed. A 3D visualization of the drone illustrates the course of the drone relative to your own.

Assisted navigation

Share video stream on multiple devices

With the additional Blueye Observer app, you can share your inspections with colleagues as they happen. Once downloaded to your iOS or Android device, simply connect to the drones WiFi network and launch the Blueye Observer app. The live video stream from the underwater drone will appear immediately.

Share video stream on multiple devices

Controller or touch - your choice

The Blueye App responds to the way you choose to control your ROV, whether that is with a controller or by touch on your iOS or Android device.

Controller or touch - your choice
The Blueye Pioneer package

Recommended Package

The Blueye Pioneer package

Ask for a quote for a Pioneer ROV package. Based on feedback from our users we recommend professional customers to include their Blueye Pioneer order with an aluminum Zarges case, reel with 150 meter tether, Blueye High Capacity battery and xbox controller.

However, you are free to equip you ROV as you see fit for your usecase. We offer equipment from a wide range of suppliers, and other necessary ROV parts such as tethers come in different lengths.

Prises starting at $5,554 ex.VAT

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Additional Items

Technical Specifications


Ingress protection



485 x 257 x 354 mm (LxWxH)

Weight in air

8.6 kg (with salt water ballast)


ABS enclosures, Aluminium pressure enclosures, Polycarbonate (PC) windows

Buoyancy material

HCP 30 Polymer Foam

Maximum rated depth

150 m

Forward speed at normal use

1.5 m/s (3 knots)


4 x 350 W

Run time at normal use

Approx. 2 hours

Operating temperature

-5 to +35 °C



CMOS, 1/3 inch

Max image size

1920 x 1080 pixels

Shutter speed

1/30 s – 1/8000 s

Picture max resolution

2M (1920 x 1080)

Picture type


Video resolution

FHD: 1920 x 1080 25/30 Fps, HD: 1280 x 720 25/30 Fps

Video type


Video storage bit-rate

14 MBit/s

SD card

64 GB

LED lights

Luminous flux

3300 Lumen

Colour temperature

5000 K

Colour rendering index (CRI)


Adjustable dimming


Smart Battery Pack

Nominal Voltage

14.8 V

Nominal Capacity

6500 mAh

Nominal Energy

96.2 Wh

Operating temperature

-5 to +35 °C

Charging temperature

5 to 30 °C



3 axis gyro & accelerometer & magnetometer

Depth sensor

Resolution: 0.2 mbar

Depth sensor operating range

0 to 30 bar

Temperature sensor

+/-4 °C



Up to 300 m

Breaking strength

100 kg

Number of cables

1 twisted pair (copper)


28 AWG



iOS and Android

Download tech specs

Blueye Pioneer Tech Spec Sheet

Blueye Pioneer Tech Spec Sheet

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