Streaming live video from the Blueye underwater drone onboard MS Brim

Thursday, December 19, 2019 / Northern Norway

Brim Explorer provides ocean excursions without noise or pollution onboard their silent hybrid-electric ship, with tours currently from Tromsø and Lofoten. With their underwater drone from Blueye, they're able to provide their trips with a second dimension vision, underwater.

To make sure that all their guests can enjoy the same underwater experience, they've set up live streaming from the drone to several monitors inside the ship.

Cruising the Arctic oceans with Brim Explorer

The first Brim Explorer ship, MS Brim, sat sails early autumn 2019 with the vision of providing silent tours in Arctic waters with minimal impact on the environment. The ship is equipped with a hybrid-electric engine and built with recycled and recyclable aluminium, making it light and energy-efficient.

Nighttime at MS Brim
MS Brim by night Photo: Bendik Skogly

Brim Explorer offers a range of different tours, from whale watching, tasting cruises in beautiful Henningsvær and night-time cruises to experience the Northern lights.

Whale safari with Brim Explorer
Killer whales captured with the Blueye underwater drone Photo: Brim Explorer

Live stream to external monitors

Together with professional guides, the guests onboard MS Brim can enjoy live video from below the surface and at the same time be educated about the ocean without getting wet.

Using the Blueye underwater drone enables a "second dimension" to our tours. - Daniel Myhre, Head Engineer at Brim Explorer

People on board the MS Brim
People enjoying the MS Brim Photo: Ljerka Kukurin & Fransesco Verugi

With a live stream rig using a second smart device running the Blueye Dive Buddy app connected to a large monitor via an HDMI cable, MS Brim can let everyone in on the underwater safari. Read how to easily set up a live video stream to external monitors in our support article.

Live stream rig to external monitors
Example of how to connect to external monitors Photo: Blueye Robotics

Utilizing the drone for ship inspections

A ship needs to be continuously inspected for fouling, damage or after incidents, both over and below sea level. With an underwater drone from Blueye, the operators at MS Brim can perform frequent underwater inspections both in port and off at sea.

The Blueye Pioneer is a fantastic tool to have available on board. Besides enabling passengers to see below the surface, I can inspect the propeller, rudder and hull without drydocking. - Daniel Myhre, Head Engineer at Brim Explorer

Being able to connect to multiple spectators and external monitors onboard allow colleagues to join the inspection and thus enabling better decisionmaking.

Drone pilots on board MS Brim
Two MS Brim crew members piloting the Blueye Pioneer Photo: Daniel Myhre

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