Blueye Pioneer's maiden voyage

Monday, March 20, 2017 / Korsvika, Trondheim, Norway

We just launched Blueye Pioneer underwater drone to the Norwegian market, and will present it for the first time at Norway's biggest boat show, Sea for All.

Finally we've completed first pre-production series of Blueye Pioneer. Here you can see pictures and read more about our maiden voyage.

March 21st the show kick off at Sea for All when Norway's largest boat show begins with fun and premieres for almost a full week!

New, fresh drones are ready to be tried out and tested by attendees - now all that remains is a proper test dive in the sea!

Ready to launch the Pioneer underwater drone

Pioneer underwater drone ready for the first dive

Ready - set - dive

We love to go wreck-diving! To be able to explore wrecks is always exciting, and despite the humble size of the Korsvika barge, this is a great test location. Lots of organisms are living on this wreck; sea stars, crustaceans, nudibrancs and soft corals.

The name "Dead man's fingers" perhaps doesn't sound too nice, but these soft corals are full of colors and quite regular in Norwegian seas. On the bow of the wreck there's a small colony that are beautiful to watch.

Blueye exploring soft corals on shipwreck

Dead man's fingers (Alcyonium digitatum)

In the picture you clearly see the polyps that catch nutrients in the water.

Over 30.000 visitors are expected to this boat show. We are excited and look forward to show off Blueye Pioneer to all. If you stop by, you will get the chance to try out our underwater drone in the pool - and who knows, perhaps you find some cool creatures on the bottom here too!