Blueye underwater drones — Now made in Norway

Thursday, September 2, 2021 / The Blueye Office

Recently we launched a new model, the Blueye X3. It's an ROV built for the future and now it's made in Norway! We can finally say that our underwater drones are designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and supported right here in Norway. — That makes us proud!

Partnering with Simpro

After several years of manufacturing our underwater drones abroad, we are proud to announce that we have moved all production home to Norway! Our new manufacturing partner is the Norwegian company, Simpro, with over 20 years experience in manufacturing high-tech electronic and electro-mechanical components for harsh environments.

Simpro- blueye

Simpro, the new manufacturer of Blueye underwater drones. Photo: Kajsa Selnes

The decision to move the manufacturing back home & the choice to make Simpro our supplier is based on their competence, quality, availability, and price. Since the Norwegian manufacturers' prices are competitive, it was easy to go for Simpro, says Christian Gabrielsen, CEO at Blueye Robotics.

The product is designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and supported in Trondheim, Norway. Now, Blueye is 'Made in Norway' - that's awesome!
- Christian Gabrielsen, Blueye Robotics.

Interns on their way to testing.

Team Blueye testing the underwater drone. Photo: Blueye Robotics

Flexible and Solution-oriented

On July 7th, MN24 published an article about Blueye moving the manufacturing back to Norway. In this article, the production manager at Simpro, Svein Ivar Bjørnås, stated many reasons to move the manufacturing of underwater drones back to Norway.

In a European context, Simpro is a small company. But being small is one of the reasons why they can be more flexible and solution-oriented than the large manufacturers in Eastern Europe, says Svein Ivar Bjørnås. Another reason to choose a local manufacturer is that it's much more convenient to go for a short drive to Simpro than to travel to a different country. Blueye agrees; now we can have a closer dialog with the manufacturer, making the process easier considering testing and further development.

Simpro blueye-backbone

Simpro studying the backbone used inside the Blueye underwater drones. Photo: Kajsa Selnes

Made in Norway Equals Quality

Norway and Trondheim have a strong position internationally within the blue economy and the sea. That legacy is a great advantage to have with us when entering the international market. The feedback we often get from international customers is that they trust Norwegian quality and design. With the Blueye X3 and all the opportunities it brings along, Blueye can compete against the most prominent players in the world. We look forward to the journey ahead with local production and international growth.