Enabling remote inspections with underwater drones and powerful data management

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 / Orkanger

Veracity by DNV GL is an open data platform created to facilitate frictionless connections between different industry players. For vessel owners using underwater drones for inspections, the Veracity platform enables an easy access to upload inspection videos to a dedicated team of remote surveyors for support. Instead of relying on a surveyor to travel to the vessel, they can share vital information within a short amount of time.

Underwater drones providing the overview you need

The Blueye Pioneer underwater drone is all about enabling more people to get their own eyes below the surface. For vessel operators it’s crucial to have a good overview of the underside as well as other parts of the vessel, and with the ease of use of underwater drones, they now have the right tool.

Inspecting the Deep Energy vessel
Chief Engineer of the Deep Energy vessel performing underwater inspections Photo: Blueye Robotics

It means we can act before something becomes a problem, instead of reacting to a problem when it happens. - Archie Nicholson, Chief Engineer, TechnipFMC

Inspecting box coolers on the Deep Energy vessel
The Blueye Pioneer inspectin box coolers on the Deep Energy vessel Photo: Blueye Robotics

Reduce time and risk with remote surveyors

Remote vessel inspections, with help from underwater drones and the Veracity platform, enables the maritime industry to plan more efficiently for maintenance periods and reduces the risk and time compared to hiring divers. Eliminating the shutdown period, paperwork and planning of diver inspections.

When we want to carry out inspections of the hull we used to need divers, and that had to be organized sometime in advance. We had to do a lot of paperwork, and we had to shut down all the thrusters. - Archie Nicholson, Chief Engineer, TechnipFMC

Deep Energu propellor inspection
Screengrab from a Blueye Pioneer inspecting one of the propellors at the Deep Energy vessel Photo: Blueye Robotics

When your Captain reports increased fuel consumption, being able to immediately check fouling of the hull and if something e.g. is stuck in the propeller, would possibly reduce cost significantly. And when incidents happen, being able to get your own eyes below the surface to get a clear picture of the situation, is crucial before making any decisions.

The surveys offered with the Veracity by DNV GL platform include:

  • Occasional surveys that fall between periodical surveys
  • Documentations-based surveys
  • Testing and witnessing systems during normal operation
  • Surveys not ordered together with annual surveys

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