Include dive information in your videos with the latest software update

Monday, September 28, 2020 / The Blueye office

As a Blueye customer, you can be assured that your underwater drone will be kept up to date through frequent and free software updates. We are always striving to increase your drone's value by adding or improving functionality based on customer feedback.

The most significant improvement in this release is built-in support for video overlay. No manual post-processing is needed to include heading, depth, tilt angle, or temperature on your inspection videos.

Blueye App 2.1 Improvements

After updating your app to version 2.1 and the drone software to version 1.7, video overlays will be enabled by default. You can disable video overlay under the Camera menu tab while diving or under Drone Settings and Camera Settings in the Settings tab from the app's home screen.

The Blueye app is updated

Video recordings are now also stored at full quality regardless of the live stream bitrate, enabling you to get higher quality recordings while maintaining a stable video link.

The Blueye app is updated

In addition to video improvements, we have updated these new features:

  • To prevent accidentally turning on the lights, you can enable the option to hold one of the alt-buttons when dimming the lights using the controller d-pad buttons.

  • New option to invert the vertical axis, for pilots who are used to flight simulators or other ROVs with this controller configuration.

  • Enable or disable data overlay on video recordings.

  • Change light intensity when operating the drone using touch controls.

  • Change boost and slow mode when operating the drone using touch controls.

  • Fix bug where the camera button icon became skewed in some situations.

Blunux 1.7 Improvements

  • Telemetry overlay on recorded videos

  • Video recordings are now stored at full quality regardless of live stream bitrate.

Blueye app update

At Blueye, we strive to make underwater inspections as frictionless as possible.

Our app is a part of a broader mobile ecosystem. Every update we make to our app is based on your needs and our vision to provide low-friction access to view what's below the surface. Our development team is always developing the software to make it easy for you to use our products and give you the necessary features to meet your underwater inspections' goals.

Blueye app

In our Help Center, you'll find a new article that shows you how to enable video overlays. Read the full article here.

Here you find and article that shows you how to update your drone to the latest version.

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