Meet our Summer Interns

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 / Trondheim, Norway

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming six interns into Blueye. They are from diverse backgrounds, ranging from Marine Technology, Electrical Engineering, UX-design, Business, and to Economics.

This unique team will be working on implementing the Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge to our Blueye X3 ROV. In addition, to get assigned with the technical project, each team member will be tasked with befitting branches - Marketing, Business, In-House Manufacturing, and Shipping. Here they will get to work closely with Blueye employees and gain insight into how each department works and acquire some hands-on experience with the tools at their disposal, which can be very useful for the interns' ongoing project.

At the beginning of the internship, the team presented a roadmap displaying their goal for this program. We believe the team is diligent and always eager to learn something more. We are glad to have them onboard! We asked them to share their experience and how they feel about working in Blueye.

Summer Interns
From left to right:Hanna, Boris, Frida, Kristian & Daniel Photo: Blueye

Hanna Aalmen

Hanna is a fourth-year Engineering and ICT student at NTNU, specializing in machine technology and product development. Her interest in programming first showed up after having the introductory programming course at NTNU. She gets motivated by the endless possibilities programming offers and enjoys having broad knowledge in the field.

Besides working on the intern project, Hanna also works on the Blueye software and assists the team in testing the drones with peripherals. Her primary responsibility is to integrate the Cygnus mini ROV thickness gauge in the Blueye app and Cygnus-related material on our website. Hanna expects the result of the intern project to work well on the X3 and that it reaches the same high standard as the rest of the Blueye products.

I have expectations regarding the quality of our work with the Cygnus, as the intern team is a very competent group. In general, I expect to learn a lot through real-life project work and the programming challenges ahead while also having a lot of fun! The Blueye team has shown such deep expertise in a wide range of fields, and I hope to be able to absorb some of this knowledge during the internship.

Daniel Fremming

Daniel is a third-year Industrial Design student specializing in UX design. His interest in UX design is to assist an integrated understanding of the structure of intelligent systems and how these interact with the external world. As a designer, he hopes to make technology more available for people and maintain ease of use. Daniel's contribution to the project is to figure out how to display readings from the ultrasonic thickness gauge in the Blueye app. He is working primarily on UI design and user testing.

Besides working on the intern project, Daniel assists the marketing team with content creation and tests the Blueye X3 and Pro drones. During the internship, Daniel hopes to achieve an addition that works coherently and effortlessly with the existing UI in the app. After learning the dynamics of a well-balanced drone in water and how this may affect the current seamless control of the drone, He also wants to continue to make it stable, with the thickness gauge attached.

In the past few weeks, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the friendliest and professional people. The onboarding and welcoming have been top-notch! It is interesting to see the dynamics of a tech company such as Blueye Robotics.

Alexander Lindgaard Føll

Alex is a fourth-year Business Administration student specializing in Business Analytics. His interests reach primarily to the broad term "business development" and everything this entails. He is working as a Joint project leader and as a business analyst.

Alex is involved in coordinating, planning, and holding meetings with the intern team. As a business analyst, he conducts market research, reaches out to customers, participates in customer demos, analyzes the data, communicates, and implements necessary changes accordingly to the drone and the Cygnus thickness gauge. Alex hopes that the Cygnus thickness gauge will be consistent with the customers' needs creating a value regardless of the usage or industry.

I have to agree with the other interns and understate the professionalism the people and the X3 have. One expectation is to keep experiencing this exceptional work environment, including the phenomenal group of interns. I also expect to learn a lot regarding Blueye being a scale-up: their processes, strategy, iterations/pivots, product management, marketing, and more.

Alex & Boris diving with Blueye
Alex & Boris diving with Blueye. Photo: Blueye

Kristian Lampe Gjemdal

Kristian finished his fourth year in Marine Technology, specializing in Marine Cybernetics. He has a strong interest in underwater robotics. He is working on the Blunux software running in the Blueye drones. His goal for this internship is to integrate the Cygnus Mini ROV thickness gauge into the Blunux software.

By the end of the project, Kristian hopes to deliver a fully functional and market-ready integration of the Cygnus thickness gauge. He wants to focus on robustness instead of creating a lot of features with questionable reliability.

Honestly, my primary expectation is to have a good time in the office. I have had great jobs with less than great people and less than great jobs with great people, and I would pick the latter once again any day of the week. Luckily, Luckily, I've only met great people in Blueye!

Frida Volden Tiller

Frida is a third-year Marine Technology student specializing in Marine Systems Design/Naval Architect. Her contribution to the intern project is joint project lead, market research, testing, tech support, technical writing, and mechanical design. Frida feels that the marine industry is evolving, but heavy pollution and risky operations are the challenges. More extensive implementation of underwater drones to inspections and other marine operations will contribute to a more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly industry.

Besides working on the intern project, Frida helps the Blueye team by assisting in daily operations like shipping orders, in-house production, testing, and technical support. She hopes to achieve a more broad and professional competence by learning from the intern team with diverse backgrounds.

I am expecting to get a good understanding of Blueye as a company and have a good time. When the internship is over, I expect a reliable prototype and to bring valuable "next-step" ideas and high-quality marketing work to Blueye. I am grateful to work with intelligent and fun people on a meaningful project that will be useful for Blueye and the market.

Interns testing the drone
Daniel, Frida & Kristian testing the drone. Photo: Blueye

Boris Yanchev

Boris graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MEng degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. His primary interest is designing electronics for projects involving an embedded system. Boris involvement is concerned with the hardware and mechanical integration of the thickness gauge with the Blueye X3.

Besides working on the program, he is involved in Blueye's internal manufacturing and assists the team in shipping orders and technical support. By the end of the project, Boris hopes to be at a stage where the thickness gauge is working reliably and is ready to be used by Blueye customers. In the process, he also hopes to learn more about the design of the X3 and improve his professional competence.

I started in Blueye back in February, so I know the team well, a tightly-knit group of professionals who have made Blueye a welcoming and fun place to work. The other interns all have exciting backgrounds, so I expect that we will work together well and will learn a lot from each other!