The clear winter water of Hitra

Saturday, December 10, 2016 / Kvenvær, Hitra, Norway

As the days gets shorter and colder, the nutrient rich waters of Norway clear up and diving conditions are at its best.

We joined Draugen dive club of Trondheim with our underwater drone on their annual pre-Christmas trip to Kvenvær on the island of Hitra, and got to experience prime conditions with really clear water and good visibility.

Hitra is a municipality and an island in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The municipality covers the island of Hitra and several smaller islands, and is part of the Fosen region. It is the seventh largest island in mainland Norway, and a popular destination for boatpeople, fishermen, scuba- and free divers.

Exploring from the marina in Kvenvær

Exploring from the marina in Kvenvær

You don't have to venture far out to sea to enjoy exploring the underwater world. The marina in Kvenvær offers plenty of life and things to see under water with an underwater drone. In background, the accommodation for the weekend. Photo: Hege Røkenes

The waters off Norway is among the most productive in the world. An important reason is an abundance of phytoplankton, forming the base of the marine food chain. Like any plant, microscopic phytoplankton need sunlight and nutrients to survive. The long summers in Norway offers plenty of sunlight, resulting in a massive plankton bloom.

The heavy plankton bloom during the summer months limits the visibility in the water for scuba divers. However, as days get shorter the phytoplankton dies down and the water clears up offering prime diving conditions if you don’t mind the cold water.

Scuba diver heading up after scallop dive at Hitra

Scuba diver heading up after dive

In the winter the nutrient rich waters of Norway clears up, offering superb diving conditions for both drones and scubadivers. Here Jonas is heading up after a successful dive picking some of the scallops Hitra is famous for. Photo: Hege Røkenes