Trollheim is helping municipalities with drone inspections – both above and under the surface

Thursday, April 16, 2020 / Surnadal

Trollheim offers a range of different services to businesses while at the same time helping people finding their way back to the labor market. As part of their offering, they provide drone inspection services, both above and below the surface.

With an underwater drone from Blueye, Trollheim has among others helped the municipality of Surnadal with water pipe inspections, checking for damages or leakages.

Providing people a smoother way back to the labor market

Apart from working with job seekers to ensure a quick return to work or education through their Drone program, Trollheim works with certified training (truck, crane, etc.), laundry, and several other services and products.

Lars Inge Kvande and Eirik from Trollheim
Lars Inge Kvande and Eirik fra Trollheim Photo: Trollheim

Their Drone department delivers both inspection services above and under the surface and offers film processing for documentation. The various inspections include examinations of nature reserves, building structures, hydropower dams, water intake, and the like.

Eva Holten, who is Head of the Drone department in Trollheim, says that in addition to offering efficient and cost-saving services to customers, they want to give their participants training in new technology that is forward-looking and interesting. This contributes to an easier way back to a normal working life.

Helps Surnadal municipality with underwater inspections

The water supply network in Norwegian municipalities provides distribution of drinking water through 45,000 km of water pipes ( In Surnadal municipality alone we can locate 13 km of water pipes that are found underwater.

Trollheim and Surnadal Municipality is now working together on a pilot project, to inspect pipes found above and under the surface.

Trollheim on the pier together with Surnadal municipality
Trollheim on the pier together with Surnadal municipality Photo: Trollheim

In the past, we had to send down divers who reported what they saw. With new technology, we now get live images directly on the screen while the drone is underwater and filming the pipes. Then we immediately see if there is any damage to the pipes and if there are any leaks. - Michal Heimlund from Surnadal municipality (quotation borrowed from Tidens Krav)

Trollheim operating their Blueye Pioneer
Trollheim operating their Blueye Pioneer Photo: Trollheim

With our latest solution for live video streaming, the municipality of Surnadal will also have the opportunity to monitor the inspection in real time from their screens in their office, without travelling to location. Read more about Blueye Live Streaming.

30% leakage in drinking water pipes

As much as 30% of the drinking water disappears on its route in the pipeline due to leaks ( A need to uncover areas for repair and leaks is therefore important both in terms of savings and to reduce the environmental footprint.

Water pipe picture taken with the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone
Water pipe picture taken with the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone Photo: Trollheim

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