Voyage with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian Coast

Saturday, May 13, 2017 / The coast of Northern Norway

In May the Blueye team was invited onboard the Hurtigruten expedition ship MS Fram on a voyage along the beautiful coast of Norway. We embarked in Frøya, close to the Blueye HQ, and got to experience five fantastic days at sea on our way north to Tromsø. The voyage was filled to the top of spectacular nature experiences and thrilling dives with the Pioneer.

In the time coming we will collaborate with Hurtigruten to create similar exciting underwater experiences for their guests onboard the expedition ships!

Andreas, Jonas and I packed our bags with underwater drones, warm clothes and photo equipment and went to Frøya, ready for an adventure with Hurtigruten. Our expectations were high because Hurtigruten is known for its spectacular travel- and content rich experience for their guests.

However, we were not going to be regular guests. We would test Pioneer together with the crew aboard to see if Blueye and Hurtigruten could combine the best of travel experiences at sea, with unique underwater experiences.

Voyage map from Frøya to Tromsø

Voyage map

Voyage map from Frøya to Tromsø

The first stop was Træna - an archipelago off the coast of Helgeland known for its distinctive profile of the three mountains Mjåtind, Breitind and Trænastaven that protrude from the sea as trolls' hats. There are about 450 people living on the islands, whereas most of them live of fishing or related work. For those who have not been to Træna, the islands may be more known for their annual music festival. The Træna festival gather more than 2,000 people on the largest island, Husøy, to enjoy concerts in the beautiful scenery of ocean and mountains!

Characteristic mountain profile of Træna


Træna islands

Although the islands are beautiful, the underwater scenery was the most intriguing to us, so quickly launched Pioneer into the water. We discovered some scholls of coal fish right behind Fram by the dock. The captain joined us to get a look the hull. MS Fram came straight from the ship yard and was in top condition - although with a few spots that lacked some paint. We got to demonstrate Pioneer as a tool for inspection AND to explore life in the sea - cool!

Next stop was the UNESCO-protected islands of Vega, just south of the Arctic Circle. These islands are named one of the world’s top undiscovered island gems. With over 230 species of birds this is heaven on Earth for ornitologes! People have lived on these islands for more than 10.000 years and have a unique tradition for raising eider ducks and harvest their feathers for down production.

The coast of Helgeland an in the Northern Norway is full of beutiful places. The nature is raw, prestine and full of wildlife - both above and below the ocean surface.

Blueye Pioneer diving with Stamsund mountains in the background

Blueye Pioneer

Blueye Pioneer exploring the kelp outside Stamsund.

During the trip was the Norwegian Constitution Day, and at that day we arrived Andenes. Tradition true we celebrated in our national costumes, bunad, flags and champagne. The whole crew and all guests marched on deck singing the national song.

Christine in bunad outside Andenes lighthouse

Norwegian Constitution Day

The Norwegian Constitution Day on the 17th of may was celebrated at Andenes.

After this spectacular and fantastic tour, we can't wait to collaborate further with Hurtigruten and make these tours even more memorable in 2018!

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