Winter testing of Blueye PioneerOne

Friday, January 13, 2017 / Korsvika, Trondheim, Norway

The new year started with some weeks of nice winter weather. This provided a good opportunity to spent some quality time outdoors with Blueye PioneerOne to conduct tests on technology we plan to use on Blueye PioneerTwo.

Korsvika is just a short 10-minute drive from the Blueye offices and provides an easily accessible test site for ocean tests. There is a small wreck from an old sunken barge close to shore we have become quite familiar with by now.

The water temperature this time a year is about 5 °C at the surface and slightly warmer as we decent deeper. At Blueye we believe that developing and testing the drone for Norwegian conditions will be a competitive advantage, as our waters can be quite rough with cold weather, waves and strong currents. If it can handle Norwegian conditions, we expect it to be well prepared to take on the seven seas.

Launching PioneerOne from shore

Joachim is ready to launch the drone

Our new team member Joachim is ready to launch the drone into the 5 °C cold water in Korsvika. At Blueye Joachim is responsible for the lab where he builds, fixes, modifies and tests our drones.
Joachim is stoked about the results and for seeing the wreck for the first time

Happy about the test results

The drone performed well and we gained some valuable insights into some of the components that will make it into PioneerTwo.