Blueye partnering with Inchcape Shipping Services

Blueye is pleased to announce our new partnership with Inchcape Shipping Services, providing underwater inspection services through its global network of ship agents and marine surveyors.

As one of the largest maritime services providers (over 3000 employees), Inchcape Shipping Services and their Marine Survey and Inspection team will expand their underwater inspection services with the Blueye Pioneer. By being able to deploy the underwater drone within minutes, the Inchcape team will have a powerful tool saving both time and cost for their customers through their global network of over 300 proprietary offices, in 68 countries.

Perform frequent and more efficient underwater inspections with drones

The Blueye Pioneer underwater drone is designed for optimal performance in all conditions and all the way down to 150 m. With its vertical design, the ROV moves with total stability and combined with the auto heading and auto depth features, the Blueye Pioneer is exceptionally easy to operate through the Blueye App. With a functional operating time of 2 hours, powerful LED lights and full HD camera, the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone can be applied to many different use cases.

Providing underwater vessel and infrastructure inspection services worldwide

Through Inchcape's global Marine Survey and Inspection network, the Inchcape team will utilise cutting edge technology, local knowledge and maritime experience to enable underwater inspection using the Blueye Pioneer. Inchcape will be directly supplying services with the ROV in strategic locations around the world, providing a quick, cost effective and safe alternative for underwater inspections. Commencing immediately in Australasia, the survey team combines technology and knowledge to deliver vessel and port infrastructure inspections. This service enables prompt and informed decision making in regards to hull condition and damage reports, bio-foul inspection and management, to support operational, environmental and asset management.

Our new partnership enables customers of Inchcape to directly source the Blueye Pioneer through the Inchcape global network with delivery coordinated directly to vessel or port.

Contact the Inchcape team for more information:

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