Introducing the Blueye Dive Buddy app - share your discoveries with the underwater drone on multiple devices

The Blueye Pioneer underwater drone gives everyone in need for frequent underwater inspections a set of eyes below the surface. The ROV moves with total stability due to its hydrodynamic, vertical design. Combined with the auto heading and auto depth control features, the Blueye Pioneer is exceptionally easy to operate through the Blueye App. With the newly released Blueye Dive Buddy App, drone operators can share their underwater discoveries on two additional iOS or Android devices, allowing more people to discover what’s below the surface.

Include more people on your underwater inspections

With the Blueye Dive Buddy app, you can share your underwater discoveries with more people as they happen. The app allows drone pilots to include multiple people on additional devices while diving, enabling more efficient underwater inspections and surveys. - Erik Dyrkoren, CEO Blueye Robotics

Photo: Blueye Robotics

Connected within seconds - live HD underwater video stream to your device

The Blueye Dive Buddy app is designed with a strong focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. Once downloaded to your iOS or Android device, simply connect to the Blueye Pioneer Wi-Fi network and launch the Blueye Dive Buddy app. The live HD video stream from the underwater drone appears on your screen immediately, combined with key telemetry information such as depth, heading and temperature. No other user interaction is required.

Dividing the responsibility between one pilot and a second pair of eyes provides a clearer and more detailed inspection. One or two extra inspectors are even more important in challenging conditions where teamwork is key. - Erik Dyrkoren, CEO Blueye Robotics

Both Android and iOS devices have options for connecting to an external screen over a standard HDMI connection. With the Blueye Dive Buddy app you can display your underwater discoveries on a large screen.

An immersive experience with the MovieMask Premium Blueye edition

For a more immersive diving experience, you can insert your mobile device into the MovieMask Premium Blueye edition included in the standard Blueye Pioneer package. Now that additional spectators can join using the Blueye Dive Buddy app, your friends or colleagues can take part in your dive, even if the pilot device is only accessible to the operator wearing the MovieMask.

Photo: Blueye Robotics

We have several clients within tourism looking forward to utilize the new app. Allowing more people to take part of a dive will raise the underwater experience massively, especially when using the MovieMask Premium Blueye edition. - Erik Dyrkoren, CEO Blueye Robotics

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