The Blueye Underwater Drones

Blueye Pro

The ultimate tool for professionals. Quick and user-friendly inspection of your assets below the surface.

Rendering of the Blueye Pro seen from the right.
Tilt: -30° to +30° mechanical tilt
Camera tilt
Self- serviceable
Excellent customer support
Excellent support
A safe and fully CE and FCC certified product
Fully certified
Depth: 305 m / 1000 feet
Depth 1000 ft
Replacable battery: minimum 2 hours
2 hrs battery
Multiple spectators
Multiple spectators using Dive Buddy App
Rendering of the Blueye Pro seen from the right.

Key Features

Camera tilt
Camera tilt
Tilt the camera up or down for more effective and high-quality inspections.
Powerful LED Lights
Powerful LED Lights
3300 lumen lights allow you to dive in the dark. 90 CRI LEDs ensure excellent colour rendition.
Thin tether
Thin tether
Durable and replaceable tether which creates minimal drag.
Automatic heading and depth
Automatic heading and depth
Ensures for a great underwater experience in rough conditions.
Bottom Diving
Bottom Diving
Smart positioning of vertical motor nozzles to avoid seafloor sand clouds.
Below 9 kg
Below 9 kg
Suitable for transportation and operatable by one person.
3 knots forward speed
3 knots forward speed
Dive in difficult conditions. Operational in up to 2 knots current.
1000 ft depth rating
1000 ft depth rating
Robust vehicle pressure tested to handle frequent deep dives.
Full HD-camera
Full HD-camera
Record your dive with a wide-angle camera (1080p/30fps).
The Blueye Pro Package

Recommended Package

The Blueye Pro Package

The Blueye Pro Package

Based on feedback from our users we recommend professional customers to include their Blueye Pro order with an aluminium Zarges case, reel with 150 meter tether, extra Blueye Smartbattery and controller.

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Additional Items

Blueye Smart Battery

Blueye Smart Battery

Additional 96Wh battery for Blueye underwater drones.

Sunshade Large

Sunshade Large

Fits iPads (10.5"), Samsung Galaxy tablets, HUAWEI M2 and other devices 200 mm or under. Does not fit the latest iPad Pros.

Controller for iOS devices

Controller for iOS devices

Certified controller for iOS devices.

Reel with 250 m tether

Reel with 250 m tether

Longer tether for deeper dives.

Tech specs

This is the technical specifications for the Blueye Pro underwater drone.


Hull design

Hydrodynamic and hydrobalanced hull for stability and performance in ocean conditions. Ruggedized exterior for impact resistance.


485 x 257 x 354 mm (LxWxH)

Depth rating

1000 ft / 305 m.


9 kg.


1.5 m/s (3 knots).


2 hrs normal operation.


4 powerful thrusters, 4 x 350 W.

2 rear, 1 vertical center, 1 lateral.

User replaceable.


Auto heading.

Auto depth.


Light sensitive full HD 1080p/30fps, wide angle lens.

-30° to +30° mechanical tilt.

115° vertical field of view (FOV).

Search Light

Powerful 3300 lumen LED lights below camera.

90 Colour rendering index (CRI) for precise colors.

Fittings for extra lights as payload.


Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer.

Depth sensor.

Magnetometer (compass).

Temperature (inside and outside).

Internal pressure sensor.


Standard fittings for payload on both top and bottom of the drone.


Remote update of firmware on both drone and Surface Unit.

Storage capacity

64 GB.


96 Wh lithium ion smart battery.



Wireless transmitter

Wifi router for wireless connection to smartphones or tablets.

USB port for attachment of ethernet adapter for wired connection in difficult wireless environment.

Wireless range

Range depending on environment. At least 15 m in open area.


Thin and strong cable optimized for use with ocean drones.

Cable is replaceable for easy handling and upgradeable for other lenghts.


Wireless drone controller for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Blueye App

Free app for Android and iOS smartphone/tablet.

Setup & control drone; manage and download dive data and video recordings.

Blueye Dive Buddy

Free app for Android and iOS smartphone/tablet.

Connect additional devices and share the live video stream with multiple people.

Blueye File Transfer App

Free app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download files to your computer.


Charger for charging the underwater drone. Extra charger with USB ports for charging SU and drone controller.