Control your ROV confidently with the Blueye Rugged Controller Bundle - a controller and tablet in one

Friday, January 6, 2023 / Blueye Office

The rain is pouring down. It's cold and slippery on the dockside. You have a job to be done, and worrying about the equipment malfunctioning is the last thing you want to stress about. Luckily, the rugged controller combined with the bright Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 Tablet lets you operate the ROV confidently – in all environments. Get to know the new Blueye Rugged Controller Bundle – controller and 8-inch tablet in one.

Military-graded ruggedness: the ROV controller withstands dust, it's waterproof, and is made for harsh working conditions

The Blueye Rugged Controller Bundle is combined with a European military-graded controller and a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 Tablet. You don't have to worry about dropping it; it's waterproof and resists dust intrusion. You can confidently use this robust tool in any environment.

ROV-pilot controlling the Blueye ROV using the Blueye Rugged Controller. Photo: Blueye Robotics

In addition to its hardened features, the controller provides your team with a complete system control device, removing the need for personal phones or tablets. The controllers' user interface is simple, intuitive, and ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hands. Team members can easily share the ruggedized control kit, so it's an excellent choice for organizations with multiple users.

Keep your gloves on and make essential annotations in your dive reports with the integrated pen

We field test equipment at our headquarters in Norway, so believe us when we say you can even use it with gloves. Compatible with all Blueye ROV models, it is a versatile choice for underwater operations inside your organization. A few other features that make this worth consideration are; excellent battery life, a bright screen, an integrated pen for annotating dive reports, and a portable case for easy storage and transport.

Adding to the list of capabilities, the Samsung Active Tab 3 also functions as a standalone Android tablet, including all the built-in features you would expect.

Testing the Rugged Controller in a snow blizzard.

Fast-charge with USB-C and ethernet connection

With USB-C charging and connectivity, you can efficiently fast-charge the controller. To aid in continuous operation and charge, you can also quickly swap the battery, connect to an outlet, or use a power bank out in the field.

An expansion bay is also applicable, which allows for ethernet connection for those wanting a cabled setup to a local network.

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Summary: Benefits of the Rugged Controller Bundle

  • Waterproof
  • Resists dust intrusion
  • Provides a complete system with your Blueye ROV
  • USB-C charging and expansion bay
  • Military graded ruggedness
  • Pen included
  • Bright screen (up to 700 nits)

Blueye Rugged Controller Transparent No Droplets

Investing in the Blueye Rugged Controller can help take your underwater ROV operations to the next level. Find all the technical specs and setup information in the Blueye Help Center.

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