Double your dive time - This is the new High Capacity Battery

Friday, November 3, 2023 / The Blueye office

Introducing The Blueye High Capacity Battery, perfect for extended dives and underwater inspections. With double the runtime, the battery allows you to carry out longer continuous operations without interruption.

Crafted with precision and engineered for rugged use, this battery is designed to withstand the harsh underwater environment. The 212.4Wh battery redefines what's possible for your underwater missions. And let's not forget - the High Capacity Battery is compatible with all our ROV models.

5 hours of dive time & easily swappable

Experience the freedom and confidence that comes with extended dive times and enhanced power supply. This new robust battery can empower your Blueye ROVs for 5 hours in normal conditions.

The Blueye High Capacity Battery Product Video

The battery is easily swappable and takes under two minutes to change. Ensuring that you can focus on what matters most – executing your operation. You also have the flexibility to recharge the battery inside the drone or by removing it and charging through a portable charger when you're on the move.

The High Capacity battery
The new High Capacity Battery
High Capacity battery swap
Swappable in field for even longer operation time

With the average operating time from one battery, it is possible to conduct a survey preliminary to the divers work, which significantly reduces the time spend by divers on the survey and allows the diver to use available time specifically performing diving works. We recommend the use of the Blueye X3 ROV in diving units for a number of tasks in the security and defence sector.
- Lieutenant Commander, Ukrainian Military

Defense professionals and industry specialists already use the High Capacity Battery. They trust the Blueye High Capacity Battery to power their missions because when every moment counts, reliability is non-negotiable.

Key features of the new battery

  • Compatible with all models: Compatible with Pioneer, Pro, X1 and X3! It’s a seamless upgrade for every underwater use case.

  • More power: With an impressive 212.4Wh, it offers over double the capacity of the Standard battery.

  • Steady design: The flat bottom design reduces the risk of rolling. Especially useful when swapping batteries in the field, mid operation.

  • Battery status lights: Keep track of your battery’s charge level with the new built-in LED lights. Simply press the button on the battery to check the status. You can now also see the remaining dive-time and battery consumption in the app menu.

  • Increased durability: The sturdy handle design is more durable and provides better grip when changing the battery.

Removing the Battery from the ROV and pressing the LED light status button.

The Blueye High Capacity Battery features an improved and more user-friendly external design. Its increased capacity is essential for longer operations.
- Boris Yanchev, Lead Electronics Engineer

A new update to the app: You can now se remaining operational time for the battery, based on the current dive conditions and ROV usage.

Use-case benefits

Have you ever needed to reach the ROV's maximum depth rating of 305m? The High Capacity battery allows you to embark on deeper dives without rushing the job.

The new battery isn't just a great upgrade for diving the ROV itself; it also extends the dive time when carrying more power-demanding ROV peripherals. From diving with external lights & camera to high-resolution multibeam sonars.

This prolonged operational time is particularly valuable for various applications where underwater drones are often deployed for longer durations.

  • De-licing: Complete a full net inspection or station the ROV to monitor the fish behavior, without having to change batteries mid operation.

  • Search & Rescue: When time is of the essence, longer battery life means increased chances of quickly locating missing items or persons.

  • Vessel inspections: Complete the in-depth examination of the hull and propellers, without the need for frequent resurfacing.

  • Military operations: Seach vessels for contrabands or carry out deeper dives with multibeam sonars and other power-demanding equipment

The High Capacity battery
Monitoring of fish at a aquaculture site in Norway
High Capacity battery swap
Ship inspection with external Light & Camera

Mentioned above are just a few examples of the numerous use cases that can greatly benefit from an extended battery life. Note that diving the ROV without power-demanding external equipment or in light conditions can exceed the 5-hour estimated runtime for the High Capacity battery.

Custom designed and fully certified

Safety is a top priority for us, which is why we ensure both our Standard and High Capacity batteries are rigorously tested and certified. Our in-house engineers designed the batteries exclusively for the Blueye underwater drones.

The High Cap battery is a result of our efforts to make a reliable solution with greater benefits for our customers. The Standard battery remains a great option for everyday exploration, and for easy transportation as carry-on luggage on airplanes. Choose the battery that suits your daily operations and inspections needs the best.

The High Capacity Battery & Charger Bundle

Using the new Blueye USB-C Charger 2.0, you can re-charge the batteries faster than before. Paired up with the Satechi Power Supply you can charge all your ROV accessories at the same time.

It's important to note that charging the High Capacity Battery using the older 1.Generation Blueye Charger will take signifigantly longer time - and is not optimal. Therefor we offer the High Capacity Battery & Charger Bundle for users who don't already have the USB-C charger.

The High Capacity battery
The High Capacity Battery and Charger Bundle. The multi-port powersupply enables you to charge all more equipment at the same time.
High Capacity battery
Using the new charger you can charge the high capacity battery to 100% in 3.8 hours.

Available for purchase today!

If you have been waiting for a solution for extended, uninterrupted operations – The High Capacity is perfect for those power-demanding or full-day tasks.

The battery is available for purchase today, directly on the product page or in the web shop. We are continually refilling the stock, and will deliver within two weeks of placing the order. If you want more information, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

Available for purchase today

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