How Blueye ROV helped to prevent an environmental disaster in Aarhus

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 / Aarhus, Denmark

A few days ago, Aarhus Protein, a company based in Denmark, suffered a major setback when one of it's silos collapsed in the harbor. The silo contained a massive 1500 tonnes of horse beans.

Coincidentally, during the same time, Trond Larsen, our Sales Engineer, was in the area conducting a demonstration organised by our Partner, Norad.

Officials were concerned that the debris from the collapse had contaminated the nearby ocean. Coincidently, Trond Larsen, our Sales Engineer, was in the area conducting a demonstration organised by Blueye partner, Norad!

Photo by Norad
Trond Larsen with Blueye X3 on the way to the boat.
Photo by Norad
Trond Larsen inspecting area under silo using the Blueye X3.

When officials were facing the issue , Trond and Norad team, used Blueye X3 ROV to inspect the sea floor.

Quick and efficient assessment

After analyzing the footage captured by the drone, it was evident that, fortunately, no debris had gone into the ocean.

Screengrab from X3
Screengrab from the underwater footage of the seabed from the Blueye X3 ROV. Photo: Blueye Robotics

The Danish police and fire department were relieved to have the ROV inspect the seabed immediately after the incident. This advanced technology allowed for a quick and efficient assessment of the potential damages and debris on the seabed without the need for any divers or additional resources.

Technology's role in environmental emergencies

Sonar image of the seabed Photo: Norad

This incident highlights the importance of technology in emergencies, especially when protecting our environment. In today's world, technology has made significant strides in protecting our planet, and we must make the most of it.

Blueye X3 with Oculus M750d Dual-Frequency Multibeam Sonar was used for this operation. The Blueye X3 was launched in 2021 that has 3 Guest Ports enabling integration of different external equipment like Sonars, positioning systems, grippers, external lights, and camera.

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