Blueye ROV Courses

New to ROVs? Or do you simply want to make sure you get the most out of your underwater operations with ROVs? We provide courses for our customers, for free, where we give away all our tips and tricks. Sign up for an upcoming course in the list below!

Upcoming Blueye Courses

COURSE 28/08

Blueye ROV Course August 2024 from Blueye office in Norway


Free digital ROV course / October 2024 English

Past Blueye Courses

ONLINE TRAINING recorded 11/06

Free digital ROV course / June English

COURSE 23/04

Blueye ROV Course April 2024 from Blueye office in Norway Norwegian

ONLINE TRAINING recorded 14/02

Free digital ROV course / February English

ONLINE TRAINING recorded 14/12

Free digital ROV course December English

ONLINE TRAINING recorded 17/10

Free digital ROV course October English

COURSE 19/09

ROV course - Come to the Blueye office and try your favourite peripheral

ONLINE TRAINING recorded 20/06

Free digital ROV course June English

COURSE 14/03

Blueye ROV Course March 2023 from the Blueye office

ONLINE TRAINING recorded 13/12

Online Blueye ROV training course English

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Blueye Underwater Drones

The ultimate tool for professionals. Get the overview you need to inspect your assets below the surface. Learn more about the Blueye X3, Blueye Pro, and the Blueye Pioneer.

Blueye Underwater Drones
Self- serviceable
A safe and fully CE and FCC certified product
Fully certified
Excellent customer support
Excellent support
Tilt: -30° to +30° mechanical tilt
Camera Tilt
Weight: less than 9 kg
Below 9 kg
Replaceable battery: up to 5 hours
Battery 5 hrs*
Depth: 305 m / 1000 feet
Depth 1000 ft
Multiple spectators
Multiple spectators Observer App
Live Streaming to Microsoft Teams
Live Streaming to MS Teams
Blueye Underwater Drones