Blueye X3 Equipment

Underwater GPS G2 R100

Know where your ROV is located, and save it's position track onto a map. With Water Linked's purpose-developed positioning technology, unwanted noise no longer affects positioning accuracy the way it traditionally has with underwater positioning solutions. Get all images and videos geotagged automatically to ease reporting.

Water Linked
UGPS G2 Pelicase Side

Position data for navigation and reporting

The positioning system is set up in minutes and provides high-accuracy position tracking of the ROV during your inspections. A benefit of using an external positioning system is that it does not drift over time, which allows you to maintain good position tracking during your longer inspections. The system can be used on all our vehicles, meaning that you can get position data even into our very first model, the Blueye Pioneer by simply updating the Blunux software.

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Technical Specifications

Underwater GPS G2 R100

The UGPS system is measuring the time it takes for a ping to travel from the U1 locator to the 4 transducers in the antenna. When the speed of sound in water is known we then get four sightly different distances. With classic triangulation the system can then provide a position estimate in X and Y, and the depth is measured with a pressure sensor.


Kit weight

4-6 kg

Housing external dimensions

30 x 21 x 10 cm (Pelican case)

Depth rating

300 m

Operating temperature

-10 to 60 °C

Acoustic Performance


100 or 300 meter radius (depending on version selected)

Ping rate

2-4 hz


Horizontal range : <0.2 %
Horizontal angle : <1 °
Vertical (depth) : <1 %

Long term drift

Locator U1: ~1 meter per 6 hours in static heading config


31.25-250 kHz (200 kHz typical)


Omnidirectional, 360 °

Operating principle

Time of flight, Triangulation

Integrated IMUs


Integrated GPS