Get to know the Summer Interns 2023 and their project about implementing an environmental sensor on the Blueye X3 ROV

Thursday, June 29, 2023 / The Blueye office

We are a team of 6 interns with backgrounds in communication and marketing, business, in-house manufacturing, electronic system design, and embedded computing systems. We will be working together on implementing the AquaTroll environmental sensor to the Blueye X3 ROV. Here we will work closely with Blueye employees and gain insight into how each department works and acquire some hands-on experience with the tools at their disposal, which can be very useful for our ongoing project.

Meet us interns

We are a group of passionate and ambitious interns eagerly anticipating the opportunity to contribute our skills and knowledge to the exciting projects at Blueye this summer. Each of us brings unique experiences and expertise, united by our shared commitment to making a meaningful impact on the Aqua Troll integration. With a strong drive for success and a thirst for learning, we are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

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From the Summer Intern kick off earlier this spring. Photo: Blueye Robotics

Ida Vesteng Mathisen

Content Creator Intern

Ida has recently completed her first year of a master's degree in Media, Communication, and IT at NTNU, following a bachelor's degree in Media Science from the same university. With a background in content creation and social media, Ida's passion lies in the realms of social media, photography, and video editing.

This summer, Ida will focus on the project's commercial aspects. Her responsibilities include creating engaging content across various Blueye platforms and contributing to developing a go-to-market strategy.

I'm excited about the fantastic learning opportunities this summer job has in store.

Jonas Tonning Mæland

Business Development Intern

Jonas is a student enrolled in NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship. He also has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. As a business developer, he will work with the Aqua Troll project in the commercial team. He will work on gaining market insight and getting customer feedback into the development to create a perfect market fit.

I aim to learn more about how a company goes from start-up to scale-up. I think Blueye is at the beginning of its scale-up phase and I look forward to getting more insight into the steps and strategy for growing its operations. I also aim for the Aqua Troll project to be a success.

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Sander, Jonas, and Ida Photo: Blueye Robotics

Henrik Porten Hemnes

Product Engineer Intern

Henrik is a 4th-year student pursuing a degree in electronic system design at NTNU. Henrik's journey into the world of technology, coding, and electronic design began in 8th grade, and ever since, he has been actively involved in various projects. Alongside his studies, Henrik holds a leadership role in Vortex NTNU, a student organization dedicated to creating autonomous underwater drones and surface vessels.

Currently, Henrik's focus lies in contributing his expertise to the design solutions for the AquaTroll sensor, encompassing both mechanical and software aspects. He dedicates considerable time to familiarizing himself with Blueye's products and code base, ensuring a thorough understanding of the technology.

I hope to make a valuable contribution to developing the AquaTroll sensor as a compatible Blueye sensor. Besides the project, I aim to get familiar with how the Blueye drones work so I can contribute to the in-house manufacturing of parts.

Juan Pablo Pino Bravo

Embedded Linux & Control System Engineer Intern

Juan is a master's student specializing in Embedded Computing Systems at NTNU. With a bachelor's degree in Digital Systems and Robotics Engineering from ITESM in Mexico, Juan's passion for technology and innovation knows no bounds. He even had the opportunity to broaden his horizons through an exchange program at The University of Texas at Austin.

At Blueye, Juan works as a Blunux Engineer, spearheading the software integration of diverse sensors into the Blueye X3 ROV. He also actively contributes to integrating these sensors at an electronics level.

Sander Hjortland

Mechanical Engineer Intern

Sander is a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student at NTNU with an interest in maritime technology. From his early days working at a boat workshop at the age of 13, Sander's love for designing and constructing various projects has only grown stronger. He currently leads the Mechanical Team at Vortex NTNU, where his expertise contributes to creating autonomous underwater and surface vessels.

In Blueye, Sander is tasked with implementing the AquaTroll sensor onto the Blueye X3. He will bring his mechanical prowess to the forefront. Sander's responsibilities encompass designing an efficient attachment mechanism for the sensor, ensuring it achieves neutral buoyancy, and guaranteeing utmost protection while maintaining user-friendliness.

Andreas Traa Utkilen

Software Developer Intern

Andreas is studying cybernetics and robotics. He has honed his skills as an app developer from a young age. Besides the studies, Andreas was an autonomous developer at FuelFighter until last year, and has now a pivotal role as a control member at Ascend NTNU.

At Blueye, Andreas will mainly contribute to app development of Blueys’s app and work on the project with the interns. He wants to deliver the intern project as a finalized solution, learn new methods of development, and improve our team’s collaboration skills.

You can do maintenance work easily
The interns Photo: Blueye Robotics

Summer project

We are excited to introduce our summer project at Blueye, focusing on the integration of the Aqua Troll Multiparameter Probe with the Blueye X3 underwater drone. Our goal is to complete the entire product development cycle, including testing and documentation. We will conduct market research, engage with potential customers for feedback and demos, and develop a go-to-market strategy. Additionally, we will create marketing and sales materials, as well as support resources such as help center articles.

What can you use the sensor for?

  • Lake, stream and wetland monitoring
  • Stormwater management
  • Dam monitoring
  • Water spot sampling and profiling
  • Aquaculture
  • Creating “heat maps” of the different sensor outputs

Watch the video for an introduction!

Interns introducing their project.

Please tell us how you would use the Aqua Troll extension in the form downunder!

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