Meet the Summer Interns 2024

Monday, June 24, 2024 / The Blueye office

This year's interns consist of four students with different fields of study. This year we will work on further developing a GPS receiver for the Blueye ROVs. In addition, we will also work with market analyses, and social media and assist with the development and testing of prototypes.

Get to know the interns

We are a group of four students, who all study at NTNU. We all have different backgrounds in communication and marketing, mechanics, cybernetics and robotics, and industrial economics. We look forward to working at Blueye Robotics this summer and believe it will give us unique experiences and important lessons.

You can do maintenance work easily
Summer Interns 2024 Photo: Blueye Robotics

Sigrid Walseth

Content Creator Intern

Sigrid has a bachelor’s degree in marketing management from BI and is now pursuing a master’s degree in media, communication, and information technology at NTNU. She has previously worked in content production, and her interests include social media and digital marketing.

Throughout the summer, Sigrid will work on the commercial team. Her tasks will include creating content for the web, newsletters, and social media, contributing to the summer project of further developing a GPS receiver, and showcasing this project.

I think this will be a really exciting summer, and I can't wait to see what this internship has to offer. - Sigrid Walseth, Content Creator Intern

Amund Godal

Mechanical Engineer & Content Creator Intern

Amund has just completed his third year in the integrated master’s program in Mechanical Engineering at NTNU. With a background in content creation, it felt natural for him to merge engineering with video production this summer.

Amund will be involved in a topside GNSS project alongside Håvard, focusing on prototyping and testing. His internship will also include manufacturing tasks and daily office operations.

Ever since trying the Blueye Pioneer in 2017, I've been inspired by Blueye’s development as a company. I am looking forward to participating in product development, manufacturing, and content creation this summer! - Amund Godal, Mechanical Engineer & Content Creator Intern

You can do maintenance work easily
Amund testing the drone. Photo: Blueye Robotics

Håvard Syslak

Embedded and Electronics Intern

Håvard is a 4th-year student pursuing a master’s degree in Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU. He originally had a background as an instrument technician and a bachelor’s degree in automation and electronics. Underwater technology was introduced to him through the student organization UiS Subsea, which is dedicated to making underwater drones. During his bachelor’s, he was on a team responsible for the sensor system on one of UiS Subsea’s drones.

Håvard is currently focusing on using his skills and expertise to design the topside GNSS system for the Blueye ROVs. This involves both PCB design and software integration with the existing Blueye system. He dedicates much of his time to familiarizing himself with the Blueye codebase to ensure a thorough understanding of the technology.

I hope to make a valuable contribution to developing the topside GNSS system and integrating it into the Blueye drone. In addition, I hope my technician background will prove useful in contributing to the in-house manufacturing of parts. - Håvard Syslak, Embedded and Electronics Intern

Sofie Gloppen

Business Developer Intern

Sofie has recently completed the third year of her master’s program in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, where she specializes in Mechanical Engineering. This year, Sofie has been on exchange at the University of Glasgow and is looking forward to employing her new knowledge at Blueye.

Sofie enjoys working with a combination of technology and business. Previously involved in technical aspects related to ROVs, she is shifting gears this summer. As a business developer intern, she will work in the commercial team to explore new potential markets across Europe.

I look forward to gaining insight into the exciting applications of Blueye's ROVs and collaborating with talented colleagues and interns this summer. - Sofie Gloppen, Business Developer Intern

You can do maintenance work easily
Sigrid trying out Apple Vision Pro. Photo: Blueye Robotics

About the GPS receiver

Building on Henrik Porten Hemnes’ master thesis, we are developing a surface GPS-module designed to provide precise positioning for mission planning and navigation. This module will be integrated into existing software, to deliver a functioning prototype that is ready for production. Additionally, we will document the entire process and our progress comprehensively.