Quick recovery of items underwater using the Blueye ROV

Monday, January 22, 2024 / The Blueye office

Last week, one of our ROV experts, Trond Larsen, was at the Blueye Shore Lab after finishing an online demo and noticed the crew from Trondheim Havn tugboat was stuck with an issue. They had lost the fender of their boat near the port. Responding to the situation, Trond skillfully utilized the Blueye X3 with a gripper and some other small tools to retrieve the misplaced fender of the boat.

Also, Trond helped the NRK team recover a lost flying drone underwater last summer. This article will dive into how Blueye ROVs can help in the successful recovery of lost items underwater.

Blueye X3 recovers the lost fender from fjord for Trondheim Havn

Trondheim Havn with fender and X3.

The incident happened last week when Trond returned from Blueye Shore Lab after an online demo. People from Trondheim Havn dealt with an unexpected problem while breaking ice with one of their tugboats. During the process, the boat's rear end collided, resulting in the loss of a fender from the back side of the boat.

Trondheim Havn's tug boat of which the fender was lost.
Trondheim Havns tug boat of which the fender was lost.
High Capacity battery swap
Blueye X3 with gripper all ready for action.

Fenders are crucial in preventing damage to both ships and dock structures. Soon after hearing this, Trond used the Blueye X3 with the Reach Alpha gripper to locate and lift the fender. The main advantage here was that Trondheim Havn knew precisely where they had lost the fender, making retrieval easy. The fender was located at 10m depth. Trond used additional tools to execute the operation, such as a measuring tape attached to a robust rope. After skillfully threading the rope into the fender with help from the stiff measuring tape, Trond and the Trondheim Havn team successfully lifted the fender.

Video of picking fender for Trondheim Havn.

It is so nice see the drone in real-time and have the power to direct the operator towards exactly what we want to see.
- Trond Larsen, Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Recovery operation for NRK

Trond and NRK team with found flying drone.
Trond Larsen with NRK team after rescuing the flying drone which was lost underwater.
NRK team (Norges Tøffeste) with recovered flying drone
NRK team (Norges Tøffeste) with recovered flying drone.

While recording the TV program Norges Tøffeste last summer, NRK encountered a setback when they lost an aerial drone. In response, Trond utilized the Blueye X3 for a dive, successfully located and rescued the lost drone and a GoPro. The small but efficient Blueye X3, equipped with the right tools, proved capable of handling underwater challenges, showcasing the practical utility in unexpected situations.

These incidents serves as a real-world testament to the practical applications of Blueye ROVs in addressing unexpected challenges and recovery operations.

Benefits of having Blueye ROVs for Search and Recovery

  • Quick deployment: Large ROVs and rescue tools can be expensive and require lot of time to set up. Using the Blueye ROV, one person can swiftly conduct the recovery operations efficiently without the need for divers.

  • Time saving: Operations and incidents can be resolved rapidly using ROV. Blueye X3 can be deployed underwater within one minute, allowing users to have eyes below the surface for quick search and recovery operations.

Such capacity under water makes us better able to search or secure documentation. It can be used, for example, to look for allegedly deceased persons, to document pollution or objects that have been dumped.
- Frode Reiten, Forensic Scientist , Norwegian Police

  • Cost saving: Our ROVs offer a budget-friendly alternative for broad search and recovery tasks compared to using divers. Divers come with significant costs, covering equipment, insurance, and training. These expenses can accumulate, especially for organizations working within tight budgets, making ROVs a more economical choice for their operations.

  • Operating in challenging conditions: Blueye ROVs are made to work well in tough conditions, making them suitable for missions in extreme environments. They are especially useful in cold temperatures, and you don't have to go into the water yourself.

  • Efficient object removal: The Blueye X3, equipped with a gripper or specialized tools, will help securely grab and retrieve objects from underwater. This method ensures a secure and controlled way to recover things, keeping divers away from risky diving situations.

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