Blueye Service

End-of-warranty service

Send your Blueye Pioneer, Pro, or X3 for a thorough service. After the service you will receive an offer for a one year extended warranty.

The price includes shipping both ways.

Blueye Robotics
Blueye Pioneer Drone (cropped)
Book online

Book online

After completing the booking our service engineers will reach out to arrange shipment to Blueye.

Full check

Full check

Our engineers will do a full check of the condition of your vechile. We will inform you if any repairs are necessary.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty

After service you will receive an offer to extend the warranty period, and we will ship the drone back.

One year extended warranty

After completing the service our engineers will make an assessment of your drone, and send you an offer for one year extended warranty.

  • Blueye Pioneer extended warranty: $ 972,-

  • Blueye Pro extended warranty: $ 1 918,-

  • Blueye X3 extended warranty: $ 3 403,-

Blueye Pro Drone: side

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