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Blueye Pioneer Upgrade

Upgrade your Blueye Pioneer to a Blueye Pro. With an upgrade, you'll get a tiltable camera with image stabilization, increased depth rating, and general service on your drone. While upgrading your drone, you will not only get a more flexible unit, but a new 1- year warranty in addition.

Blueye Robotics
Blueye Pro tilt closeup
Camera w/tilt

Camera w/tilt

Tilt the camera up or down for more effective and high-quality inspections.

1000 ft depth

1000 ft depth

Robust vehicle pressure tested to handle frequent deep dives.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty

After your Pro upgrade you will receive one year extented warranty on your drone.

Upgrade or trade-in?

After completing the order in the form below, our service engineers will reach out to arrange shipment to Blueye. When the ROV arrives at our offices in Trondheim, they will do a full upgrade of your equipment and ship the drone right back to you once done. The price includes two-way shipping.

Would you rather consider a Blueye X3? We also give a trade-in discount! Get in touch to know more.

Blueye Pro Drone (cropped)

Pioneer to pro upgrade