Enhance your underwater inspection with Blueye ROV training course

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 / The Blueye office

At Blueye, our first and foremost priority is to see our customers succeed in their underwater operations. We provide a frictionless customer experience for professional underwater inspections. The Blueye ROVs are easy to control and operate. It takes less than two minutes to connect and deploy the drone, which makes it a great tool for everyday tasks and operations.

While it's not mandatory or required to undergo a training course to operate the Blueye ROVs, we believe it's beneficial for our customers to acquire comprehensive knowledge and practical tips from our experienced ROV pilots. That's why we have initiated a training program that provides our customers with necessary knowledge and practices to take full advantage of the Blueye drones.

Blueye ROV course
Trond Larsen going through practical tasks before diving during a training course. Photo: Blueye Robotics

The training program was introduced in the fall of 2019, but unfortunately, we had to cancel the courses due to the pandemic. However, we resumed our training sessions last year, and to date, we have conducted approximately nine sessions, with training over 100 customers from various parts of the world.

We offer physical and digital courses

We offer both physical and online courses. The physical course is a full-day session from Blueye HQ with classroom and practical tasks where participants dive with their ROV near our office in Trondheim, Norway. While the online session will last for 2 hours, during which we will go through practical tasks on camera with the ROV. During the session, there will be some practical video tasks and time for Q&A. Both courses cover the following

  • Introduction to technical basics of the Blueye ROVs
  • How to efficiently solve underwater tasks
  • Tips for reporting and data processing,
  • Simple maintenance and repairs.
Blueye help center
Andreas Viggen getting ready before the digital course. Photo: Blueye Robotics

The Blueye ROV courses are designed in such a way that it's beneficial for customers as well as non-customers. Our main goal is to help all our customers excel in their underwater operations. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the ROV and its capabilities.

From technical basics to maintenance and repairs

We encourage our customers to practise basic maintenance tasks, including changing tethers, by opening the drone during our training sessions. Moreover, cleaning the drone after every dive is crucial for proper maintenance. For instance, if you are diving close to the sea floor, there is a possibility that sediments may get into the plastic, increasing the ROV's weight beyond its intended limit.

Simple, easy-to-understand layout, nice to get an introduction to construction and what the equipment can withstand!
- ROV course attendee

You can do maintenance work easily
You can easily do maintenance work on site. Photo: Blueye Robotics

Not many of our customers know that the drone software needs to be updated to ensure they have received the latest features and bug fixes. This is very important as we make new features available to all Blueye customers through our apps. Two examples of this are live-streaming and reporting features. This training session is also a platform where our most experienced ROV pilots and Engineers give tips on perfecting diving in different scenarios.

A short video from our online training course, showing how to dive in and out of tight areas/spaces.

In addition to our standard courses, we provide our clients with tailor-made private and advanced training programs. If you're keen to expand your knowledge about Blueye ROVs, please refer to our schedule of upcoming courses. For private courses, kindly write to us at contact@blueye.no

Blueye support and help center

At Blueye, we understand that no product is immune to issues. However, rest assured that if you encounter any problems, our team of dedicated engineers and industry experts - many of whom have been with us since the beginning - is always available to support you. We guarantee a response within 24 hours of reaching out, and with a satisfaction rating of 98%, we take immense pride in our customers' success.

Blueye helped me out with a quick response and actually tested the solution themselves. I could not be happier about such a great service. Everything works now, so perfect!
- Rutger van Duijn, RVI Tools

To further assist our customers in resolving issues independently, we have created the Blueye Help Center. This resource center offers many articles, FAQs, video tutorials, and illustrated guides to help you perform self-service and troubleshoot effectively. Our belief in proactive support means we strive to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to prevent issues from arising as we continually build an easy-to-use and reliable solution.

Blueye help center
Blueye help center. Illustration

You should be able to work frictionlessly from start to end, from purchasing to handling to maintaining. That is why we put all our efforts into every step of the customer journey so that you can get the best ROV in the market.