The Blueye X1 – your tool for easy and efficient underwater operations

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 / The Blueye Office

We proudly present the Blueye X1, our latest mini-ROV designed for efficiency and excellence. With a plug-&-play gripper port, the X1 is the perfect solution for simple underwater tasks. Whether you are conducting routine fish pen inspections or low-light recovery operations, the X1 is your reliable underwater tool.

Built on the same reliable platform

The Blueye X1 ROV is built on the same platform as the X3 model, with the minor difference that the X1 has one guest port for gripper connection, instead of three. The X1 still maintains the user-friendliness Blueye is known for, while offering a simple drone for those that only need a quality ROV and a gripper to get the job done.

Introducing the Blueye X1 for easy and efficient underwater operations

Deployed in 90 seconds with 5 hours of dive time

With super quick deployment in under 90 seconds, the X1 ensures no unnecessary delays. Paired with the Blueye High Capacity battery, you get over 5 hours of operating time for full-day inspections. The battery can also be changed in under 2 minutes while out in the field. Check your remaining dive time and battery status in the Blueye app during your dive.

Swapping battery on the X1
Swapping battery on the Blueye X1 ROV with Newton gripper.
High Capacity battery swap
Checking the LED-light battery status on the High Capacity battery.

Gripper with quick connector

Enhance your capabilities with the Newton single function gripper from Blue Robotics. Control it with touch in the Blueye app or with a remote controller. The custom-made quick-connect solution allows you to take the gripper off and on for easy transport and storage, without having to completely disconnect the gripper from the guest port.

Swapping battery on the X1
Newton gripper with quick connect for easy transport and storage.
High Capacity battery swap
Retrieve lost items down to 300 meters depth

As a Norwegian based company, we know first hand the struggle of working with limited access to daylight at times. In environments with little to no daylight, you can rely on the integrated 3300 lumen work light to confidently perform tasks in darkness.

Turning on the 3300-lumen built-in lights during dive.

A safe tool for your operations

We have come a long way since our first prototypes and the launch of the first Blueye Pioneer model. However, there's one core value we have consistently worked on maintaining — the hydrodynamic and mechanically stable design ensures stability while driving. The smooth surface and four strategically placed thrusters make sure the ROV doesn’t pose any risk to your underwater assets.

Boasting its Norwegian industrial quality, the X1 is engineered for reliability. Portable and user-friendly, it solves underwater challenges for professionals on the move.
- Christian Gabrielsen, CEO Blueye Robotics

The X1 ROV don’t pose a risk to your underwater assets.

Secure local storage and app-based command center

Capture the underwater world in Full HD, with the custom European-made camera. You can easily transfer the ROV footage for documentation and reporting, while keeping your data secure with internal storage locally on the drone.

The Blueye App serves as your command center, providing a stable connection, real-time camera feed, and built-in reporting features for remote collaboration.

Transfer mediafiles in the Blueye app after your dive.

Experience the precision and reliability of the Blueye X1 – your tool for easy and efficient underwater missions. A quality solution for inspecting your assets below the surface.

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