Using ROVs in Shipping

Underwater drones are easy to maneuver and enables more frequent inspections on vessels, thus reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

Traditionally, inspections below the surface has been performed by expensive dive teams or ROV operator. These options are both time-consuming and expensive.

By introducing underwater drones to vessel operators, inspections can be performed more frequently with little effort.

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Learn how the shipping industry and other vessel owners utilize underwater drones to perform frequent underwater inspections

In the case of an incident, getting your own eyes below the surface to get a clear picture of the situation is cruicial before making any decisions. With underwater drones, you can in only a few minutes access the parts of your vessel located below the surface.

Watching inspections on iOS phone
Easy inspection with your own device Photo: Blueye Robotics

In some situations, you may need to document the condition of your ship to a third party like class societies. E.g. DNV GL classed vessels are able to utilize the possibility of remote surveys for some inspections through their Veracity data platform. This means that survey inspections such as an overall examination of hull items, propellers e.g. not requires a DNV GL surveyor to travel to the vessel. Instead, by using an online connection or video streaming link, a dedicated team of remote surveyors can provide support to vessels anywhere in the world with documentation, images, video, and input provided by the customer and crew.

Skjermdump av tau i propellen fra video
Screengrab from video footage showing a rope stuck in the propeller Photo: Blueye Robotics

Supervise and inspect hull fouling with drones

The hull surface condition substantially impacts a ship's energy efficiency. It's the responsibility of the vessel operator to keep the vessel's hull and other underwater parts free from fouling. With underwater drones, you can perform your own hull surface inspections and do this more frequently than before. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your cleaning intervals and reduce the cost of underwater inspections, as well as performing anti fouling actions at optimized intervals.

Blueye Pioneer inspecting a vessel hull
Inspecting the hull of a vessel Photo: Blueye Robotics

Perform frequent inspections and reduce both risk and cost by minimizing use of divers

In some areas of the world, as well as in some situations, it's impossible to deploy a dive team on short notice. Typically, you'll need to shut down the entire engine or take the vessel out of service before you can do any underwater inspections with divers. With underwater drones however, there are no health risks involved.

When we want to carry out inspections of the hull we used to need divers, and that had to be organized sometime in advance. We had to do a lot of paperwork, and we had to shut down all the thrusters. - Archie Nicholson, Chief Engineer, TechnipFMC

Blueye Pioneer inspecting a vessel
Vessel inspection Photo: Blueye Robotics

Developed to handle rough weather

Some ports and waters are more rough than others, but the underwater drones from Blueye is equipped to handle currents up to 1.5 m/s. 4 powerful thrusters and the unique design enables underwater inspections in both rough and still waters.

Share inspections live with colleagues in Microsoft Teams

Using the screen sharing functionality in the Microsoft Teams app, Blueye customers can share live drone footage directly in a Teams meeting. Participants can communicate with the operator, and among each other, making the inspection a collaborative effort, leading to better and faster decisions.

Employee remotely watching an underwater survey of a vessel
An employee following a live underwater inspection remotely.

Easy processing of your underwater findings

With a press of a button you’re able to record your findings in HD video quality. After ending a dive, you can easily upload your findings to your smartphone or tablet with the Blueye app or to a PC with the Blueye File Transfer.

Benefits of utilizing underwater drones for shipping and marine surveys

  • Portable and suitable for handling
  • Perform underwater inspections in an easy and efficient way
  • Fast deployment, any time, anywhere
  • Auto depth and auto heading gives you great maneuverability
  • Low maintenance cost and inexpensive spare parts
  • Live HD video stream to your choice of iOS/Android device
  • Powerful LED lights

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