Construction Work

When doing construction work below the water surface it is necessary to get down and dirty into the water to verify if the work is done properly both during the project and after the project is finished. The Blueye Team had the pleasure of visiting NRC Group to learn more about the electrical ferry project at Brekstad (Norway) and how their Project Engineer utilized the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone for their work.

The new ferry quay at both Brekstad and Valset is set to finish in 2018 so the electrical ferries can run from January 2019. At Brekstad the whole existing quay is being replaced with a totally new quay, and at Valset (see image below) extensive work is set to be done such as replacing entire installations.

3D model of the new ferry quay at Valset
3D model of the new ferry quay at Valset. Foto: Statens Vegvesen

The Blueye Team had the pleasure of visiting Project Engineer Joakim Myren and NRC Group to have a look at the construction work going on at the ferry ports. Joakim told us the underwater drone had been used to both do inspections, plan work ahead and to verify completed work.

Inspecting the underwater construction work on the Brekstad quay
Oda and Joakim piloting one underwater drone each.

The Blueye Pioneer is easy to use and doesn't demand much training. It's also an advantage that everything is battery driven, it gives me more mobility. - Joakim Myren, Project Engineer

Inspecting the underwater construction work on the Valset quay
Oda doing an inspection of the underwater construction work at the Valset ferry quay.

Building sites with underwater construction work create rough conditions in the water, e.g. with lower sight. The Blueye Pioneer is equipped with both powerful HD-camera and LED lights which has proven to be very useful in dirty waters. Getting close to underwater installations is easy with 4 thrusters making it possible to move both horizontal and vertical with the camera in a fixed position.

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Inspections on underwater construction work at Brekstad and Valset ferry quay