Blueye Rental

Blueye X3 Rental

Do you need an underwater ROV for a single operation? Sometimes it makes more sense to rent than to own. We are glad to offer the rental of our awarded Blueye X3 underwater drone to companies operating in Norway.

The X3 is equipped with a gripper and a DVL positioning system.

Blueye Robotics
Blueye X3 rendering with Reach Alpha gripper

How it works

Book a period

Book a period

Let us know the dates for your rental and book in the form below.

Receive the drone package

Receive the drone package

When the rental period begins and the agreement is signed we'll ship the unit with necessary accessories with Bring.

Send the unit back

Send the unit back

Use the included return slip and send the unit back to us with Bring when the rental period is over.

Benefits of renting an ROV

  • No capital tied up in investment

  • If the need is short-term and not permanent, renting is a good option

  • Perfect way of testing out the equipment before considering a purchase

Price overview

  • Shipment and handling cost: NOK 1 625,-

  • 1-week rental: NOK 24 990,-

  • 4-week rental: NOK 63 990,-

  • More extended periods: on request

Professional Transportation Case

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Technical Specifications

Blueye X3 Rental

The rental kit includes the necessary equipment for you to carry out quality underwater inspections with the Blueye Pro underwater drone.

Rental Kit Includes

ROV Model

Blueye X3


Newton Subsea Gripper

Positioning system


Transportation case

Customized Zarges aluminum transportation case with wheels


2 x Blueye Standard Smart Battery

Tether Length

150 m


1 x iOS Controller and 1 x Android Controller

The rental kit does not include


iOS or Android device is not included. Please see our list of recommended devices.


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Leveranseavtale ved leie av Blueye X3

Leveranseavtale som skal signeres i forbindelse med leie av Blueye X3.
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