Blueye X3 Equipment

Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder

The Ping sonar is a single beam echosounder that measures distances up to 50 meters underwater. This sensor enables a new control mode called "Auto-Altitude", which allows you to keep a constant distance to the seabed even if the water depth is changing while you move around.

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 Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echo-sounder

Use cases for an altimeter or distance meter

  • Measure the distance to the seabed.

  • Keep a constant altitude while diving above uneven terrain.

  • Follow a pipeline as it descends into the deep.

  • Keep the desired altitude even using a multibeam or side-scan.

  • Take consistent images by knowing the distance to what's in front of you.

Screenshot of BR Pinger as altimeter in the blueye app
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Technical Specifications

Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder

The Ping sonar is using a wide-beam pulse (30 degrees) that makes it robust against an uneven sea bottom with obstacles sticking up. If you have it forward facing, it will also help you to find large objects such as a quayside wall or a shipwreck, which is particularly useful for navigation. The minimum distance it can measure is 0.5 meters, so if you go closer than this, you cannot trust the readings.

 Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echo-sounder



115 kHz


30 degrees

Minimum Range

0.5 m

Typical Usable Range

50 m

Absolute Maximum Range (firmware limit)

70 m

Range Resolution

0.5% of range

Range Resolution at 50m

25 cm

Range Resolution at 2m

1 cm


Pressure Rating

300 m

Temperature Range


Weight in Air (w/ cable)

133 g

Weight in Water (w/ cable)

55 g