Blueye X3 Equipment

Micron Gemini Multibeam Sonar

The Micron Gemini fuses Tritech's Gemini multibeam technology with Tritech's Micron technology to create the world's smallest multibeam imaging sonar.

A perfect fit for the Blueye X3.

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Gemini 720im Product Picture

World’s smallest multibeam sonar

The Micron Gemini is the latest addition to Tritech’s Micron and Gemini product families and offers powerful, real-time sonar imaging in the body of a Gemini 720im.

With greatly improved image quality, a 90° horizontal field of view, and a 50 m range, the Micron Gemini offers cost-effective obstacle avoidance and navigation for the Blueye X3.

With Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, the Micron Gemini operates at 720kHz, to produce images of outstanding clarity. The system benefits from 128 beams and an effective angular resolution of 0.7°.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • 90° horizontal field of view

  • Low power


  • 20 Hz update rate

  • 300 m or 750 m depth rate

  • CHIRP & CW processing

  • Mounting kits supporting upward and downward tilt

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Technical Specifications

Micron Gemini Multibeam Sonar

Having a 90° horizontal field of view and 50m range, with an update rate up to 20Hz, the Micron Gemini brings real-time imaging to places where multibeam was never possible before.

Gemini 720im Product Picture

Acoustic Specifications

Operating frequency

720 kHz

Angular resolution

2.34° acoustic, 0.7° effective


0.2 m to 50 m

Number of beams


Horizontal beam width


Vertical beam width

20° (±10° about horizontal axis)

Update rate (typical operation)

3 to 20 Hz (range dependent)

Range resolution

8 mm

Mode of operation


Speed of Sound

Adaptive beamforming based on the user-specified speed of sound

Integrated Sensors


Integrated pressure sensor


Integrated temperature sensor

Attitude and Heading

AHRS sensor

Interface specifications

Supply voltage

12 to 48 V DC

Power requirement

4.5 to 17 W (7.5 W average)

Main port protocol

Ethernet (100 Base-T)

Connector type

Blueye Smart Connector

Physical specification

Depth rating

300 m or 750 m

Weight in air

0.429 kg

Weight in water

0.240 kg

Operating temperature

-10 to +35°C

Storage temperature

-20 to +50°C


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